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Retail Technology

Predicting customer behaviour with advanced analytics for a compelling omnichannel experience

The retail/CPG market has seen a rapid digital transformation over the past several years. With product launches, promotions, demand supply optimization, and tech-savvy consumers, retailers are on edge to deliver quality products and services on time to their customers, and manage profitability simultaneously.

At Innova Solutions we believe that the most strategic way to keep retailers and CPG companies ahead of the curve is by leveraging new-age technologies to maximize customer experiences and gain insights with predictive analytics and real time dashboards. This is crucial for optimizing inventory, financial reporting, and minimizing inventory leakage.

Innova partners with retailers to deliver results for:

Create omnichannel commerce solutions

Predict end-user


Maximize customer intimacy models


Workforce management

Improve sustainability tracing

Optimal inventory levels

Improve in-store customer experiences

Harness transactional and demographic data for sales and customer outreach

Integration to financial systems

Develope solutions for personalized marketing campaigns

CPG companies have their distinct challenges as well. Finding different ways to collect data and transforming it into business information are critical to increasing operational efficiencies, determining future trends, and accelerating product enhancement. With the internet of things (IoT), CPG companies have a myriad of ways to collect information along the entire supply chain. They can get insights into demand management, product lifespan, and quality control. CPG companies that recognize the synergy resulting from a strong IoT and analytics platform can take advantage of Innova’s experience and thought leadership.

  • Optimize customers’ E-commerce platform
  • Digital planogram marketing solution for promotional plans with instore concepts
  • Visualization tool to increase Operational Efficiency(OEE)
  • Customer behavior modeling across multi channel
  • Monitor and provide real time insights into pricing and sales
  • Product movement; supply chain integration
  • Simulation and predictive modeling across products and pricing
  • Leveraging Innova’s Digital Kitchen platform for faster innovation
  • Integration services across supply chain
  • Innova’s iDSP helps CPG companies to aggregate data from heterogeneous platforms to a common template
  • Analytics across lost sales stemming from leakage, stock out, customer behaviors, and product lifecycle
  • Provide label solutions for the food industry to minimize food wastage, monitoring shelfing, and in compliance with label regulations
  • Track & Trace solutions

Our Industry Offerings

Brick & mortar business models, omnichannel commerce, and the explosion of mobile payment technologies have reinvented the way things run and what customers get out of stores and CPG companies. Innovations in mobility have enabled store owners to interact frequently with customers through personalized deals and in-store push messages that spur sales. As a result, there is a stronger need to provide shoppers with faster checkouts and immersive in-store experiences now than ever to stay ahead of the competition.

Innova can help improve your in-store experience through extensive experience in orchestrating software solutions for retail store chains. We help with seamless omnichannel checkouts, built-in retail POS data analytics, retail inventory management solutions, central control of POS promotions, pricing and security, and forecasting engines that help predict sales and replenish the stocks.

The e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly, well supported by the proliferation of mobile apps, superior devices, and payment technologies. However, owing to low entry barriers and the fact customers can switch providers effortlessly, e-commerce firms need to respond very quickly to the latest trends that shape the future of the online shopping industry.

Innova can help e-commerce players with robust content management solutions, advanced business intelligence and analytics solutions that ensure better conversions and optimized operations, and engaging web portals that provide a best-in-class user experience.

Today’s consumers experience multiple touchpoints before making the final purchase. With the growing mobile and online engagement, consumers interact over multiple channels to research and evaluate their purchase options. Omnichannel influences the buying behavior and patterns of the consumer. Retailers have to cater to the needs of the 21st-century shopper and provide them with a consistent and engaging shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

We at Innova help retailers deliver superior customer experiences by creating synergies across multiple channels. By collaborating with us, retailers can leverage robust order management systems, enhanced security and authentication services, and mobility solutions including Near Field Applications, mobile coupon management applications and shelf-management and warehouse applications.

Constantly changing consumer preferences, increased price sensitivity, shorter product life cycles, and stiffer competition have posed a set of merchandising challenges to the retail industry. Retailers now face constant pressure to optimize the supply chain and improve operational efficiency by reducing inventory, optimizing logistics, consolidating distribution centers, and optimally allocating the stores.

Innova can help retailers streamline customer orders, fulfilment and return processes, leverage advanced analytics solutions to improve inventory planning and merchandizing, optimize pricing and promotions, supply chain analytics, and business intelligence for enhanced supply chain visibility.

Solutions for Retail and CPG

PoS development

Loyalty CRM program development

Split tender solution

Inventory management platform

Closed loop digital payment platform

How We Make a Difference

Proven experience in retail segment project execution

Retail expertise based on an end-to-end retail ecosystem knowledge

Dedicated thought leadership to take advantage of upcoming technologies

Strategic Partners

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Ashish Saxena

Ashish Saxena

President, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Technology (REMTT) SBU

Prasenjit Paul

Prasenjit Paul

Senior Vice President and SBU Head, Retail, Manufacturing, and Transport (RMT)

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