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Helping our Travel & Transportation, and Hospitality clients

Facilitating Travel & Transportation, and Hospitality clients

Innova’s Travel & Transportation
and Hospitality Expertise

The Travel, Transportation and Hospitality (TTH) industry is currently transitioning into a phase of recovery and stabilization, witnessing a resurgence in both leisure and business travel despite facing economic and geopolitical challenges. Within the TTH sectors, companies are swiftly increasing their investments in technology to drive process digitization, self-service, and automation, ultimately enhancing customer experiences through web and mobile solutions. This entails initiatives such as IT transformation, modernization efforts aimed at reducing technology debt, accelerating the journey to the Cloud, and optimizing data utilization across the enterprise.

A key focus for TTH business is the ability to accurately anticipate and proactively address challenges, particularly in implementing cost reduction measures across all functions, while simultaneously differentiating themselves through superior customer experiences for the ever-growing number of tech-savvy customers.

To leverage cutting-edge technology, it is essential to rethink every touchpoint and create opportunities amongst the ever-changing risks and challenges in a global environment. From Casino Operations to Cruise Lines, it isn’t about a single digital solution—it is about implementing a technology framework that integrates people, processes, and technologies to enhance operations and the customer experience.

Segments We Serve

Innova Solutions draws upon plethora of experience in pioneering innovation and delivering exceptional value to its top Airline customers worldwide. As the aviation industry navigates the complexities of the post-pandemic world, our comprehensive solutions and services cater to a diverse range of carriers, from low-cost to full-service, aiding in the optimization of their commercial, operational, and enterprise systems for heightened efficiency, revenue generation, and personalized traveler experiences.

Our track record speaks volumes as we have successfully guided major airline enterprises through the post-pandemic recovery phase, facilitating the modernization of legacy platforms, reimagining end-to-end travel journeys, and implementing stringent health and safety protocols. Moreover, we are committed to redesigning business processes, nurturing customer loyalty, and driving digital transformation initiatives that are essential for long-term sustainability.

With our deep domain expertise, robust system integration capabilities, and industry accelerators, we empower airlines to implement rapid and seamless solutions across various domains, including –

  • Passenger Service Systems (PSS)
  • Loyalty programs,
  • Cargo management,
  • Revenue Management,
  • Technical Operations,
  • Flight Operations,
  • Sales,
  • Crew Operations,
  • e-commerce.

Together, we embark on this journey of recovery, ensuring swift and risk-free outcomes in the ever-changing landscape of post-pandemic aviation.

As the digital revolution continues to reshape the hotel business throughout the world—from addressing tech-savvy customers to meeting their individual expectations—its impact continues to redefine the entire customer journey. With hotels harnessing the power of Information Technology to reach out to their customers beyond their physical boundaries, they continue to leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. This reduces costs, boosts revenue, and ensures long-term profitability.

We, at Innova Solutions, understand that nothing matters more to our hotel industry clients than earning the loyalty of their guests. Therefore, we help them earn their guests’ loyalty by providing the perfect service. We offer end-to-end solutions to our hotel industry clients in the following help facilitate Guest Experience Management, Customer Relationship, Core Operations, Integration with the POS, support multiple tax rates, as well as Inventory Management and reconciliation. By focusing on these areas, we effectively support hotels’ digital transformation efforts, improve operational efficiency, enhance guest satisfaction, Customer Relationship Management, Core Operations, Integration with the POS, support multiple tax rates, Inventory Management & reconciliation, and drive revenue growth.

Property Management Systems (PMS): Developing and maintaining robust PMS software is essential for hotel chains to efficiently manage reservations, check-ins/check-outs, room assignments, billing, and guest preferences. Innova focuses on providing customizable PMS solutions tailored to the specific needs of the hotel.

Distribution and Channel Management: Implementing effective distribution and channel management solutions enables hotels to optimize their online presence, manage rates and inventory across various distribution channels (e.g., OTA platforms, direct booking websites), and maximize revenue. We help develop channel management software and integrations to streamline this cumbersome process.

Guest Experience and Engagement: Enhancing the guest experience is crucial for maintaining guest satisfaction and loyalty. We help develop mobile apps, self-service kiosks, and in-room technology solutions that enable guests to easily access hotel services, make requests, provide feedback, and personalize their stay.

Revenue Management: Implementing revenue management systems and analytics tools helps hotel chains optimize pricing strategies, forecast demand, and maximize revenue per available room (RevPAR). Innova helps to develop revenue management software that integrates with PMS and distribution systems to automate pricing decisions and track performance metrics.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining hotel operations through technology solutions improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances service quality. Innova helps streamline workflow automation tools, inventory management systems, housekeeping scheduling software, and energy management solutions to optimize operational processes.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Leveraging data analytics and business intelligence tools enables hotel chains to gain actionable insights into guest behavior, market trends, and operational performance. We have helped hotels develop analytics dashboards and predictive analytics models that empower hotel leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Integration and Interoperability: Ensuring seamless integration and interoperability between various systems (e.g., PMS, CRM, POS, accounting) is essential for data consistency and efficiency. We focus on developing middleware solutions, APIs, and integrations that facilitate communication and data exchange between disparate systems.

Security and Compliance: Protecting sensitive guest data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations (e.g., GDPR, PCI-DSS) is a top priority for hotel chains. We have implemented robust cybersecurity measures, encryption protocols, and compliance frameworks to safeguard data and mitigate security risks for top hotel chains.

Hospitality Management Solutions: Innova Solutions has provided hospitality management solutions tailored to the unique needs of casino resorts. This may include software for hotel reservations, room inventory management, housekeeping scheduling, and guest services. Innova Solutions has also developed mobile check-in/check-out apps and self-service kiosks to enhance the guest experience using pre-existing frameworks.

Being successful yesterday does not ensure success today, especially in the restaurant business. As the industry experiences radical transformation— increasing competition, evolving business models, disruptive technologies, and ever-increasing regulatory pressures, the restaurants and food services must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive and become future-ready. They must focus on wait time reduction, increased revenue from orders, and providing an exceptional customer experience.

Innova’s digital transformation and agile development capabilities help restaurants:

  • Decrease order-to-delivery times
  • Predict upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and
  • Optimize revenue from both on- and off-premises orders.

Our end-to-end IT services help our clients improve customer experiences, reduce operating expenses, and enhance efficiency across restaurants.

By integrating several intricate gaming and hospitality systems spanning guest experience, guest entertainment, food & beverage, and retail systems, Innova Solutions helps its clients with:

  • Enhance the overall casino experience.
  • Streamline operations to manage casinos profitably and effectively.
  • Optimize revenue potential.
  • Strengthen brand loyalty.

We strive to become an IT services partner who:

  • Leverages proven strategies and frameworks to provide effective and high-quality automation services
  • Offers easy and risk-free integration with existing frameworks
  • Provides domain expertise for various functions such as booking, offer management, inventory management, loyalty, and operations management.

Casino Management Systems: Innova Solutions has developed and implemented comprehensive casino management systems that streamline operations across various departments, including gaming, hospitality, finance, and security. These systems are capable of handling tasks such as player tracking, loyalty programs, cashless gaming, table game management, and compliance reporting.

Player Experience Enhancement: Innova Solutions has created digital solutions to enhance the overall player experience within the casino. This includes developing mobile apps for loyalty program management, placing bets, personalized marketing offers, and real-time communication with players. Additionally, interactive kiosks and digital signage can provide guests with information on promotions, events, and entertainment options.

Gaming Technology Integration: Innova Solutions has integrated cutting-edge gaming technology into the customer environment. This may include implementing electronic gaming machines, interactive table games, and virtual reality experiences. Innova Solutions has also developed software for customized progressive jackpots, tournaments, and other gaming promotions.

Security and Surveillance Systems: Innova Solutions has designed and deployed advanced security and surveillance systems to ensure the safety and integrity of customers’ operations. This involved controlling high-definition cameras, access control systems, and biometric identification technology. Innova Solutions has also developed software for monitoring and analyzing security footage in real-time.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Innova Solutions has leveraged data analytics and business intelligence tools to help casinos gain valuable insights into player behavior, preferences, and trends. By analyzing data from various sources, such as gaming transactions, hotel bookings, and restaurant reservations, customers have made informed decisions to optimize operations and maximize revenue.

Compliance and Regulatory Support: Innova Solutions has assisted casinos in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This may involve developing software for tracking gaming revenues, reporting suspicious activities, and ensuring adherence to anti-money laundering laws. Innova Solutions also provided training and support to casino staff on compliance-related issues.

As enterprises aspire to enter the rapidly growing car rental market by embracing new channels, offering multiple choices, transparent pricing, and convenient rental options, we strive to leverage technology to transform existing car rental businesses or help build new car rental services as per the business requirements of our customers. By helping implement technology solutions compatible with multiple platforms, we effectively capture analytical data and track inventory. We have provided valuable support to car rental companies in several key areas:

Reservation and Booking Systems: Innova Solutions has developed and implemented robust reservation and booking systems that enable customers to easily search for available vehicles, compare prices, and make reservations online or through mobile apps. These systems has features such as vehicle selection, rental duration customization, and payment processing.

Fleet Management Solutions: Innova Solutions has built robust fleet management software that helps car rental companies efficiently manage their vehicle inventory. This has features such as vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, fuel management, and mileage tracking. Innova Solutions has also developed predictive maintenance algorithms to optimize vehicle uptime and reduce repair costs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Innova Solutions has implemented CRM systems tailored to the needs of car rental companies, enabling them to manage customer interactions, track leads, and analyze customer data. These systems help our customers personalize marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and foster customer loyalty.

Mobile Solutions: Innova Solutions has developed mobile apps for car rental companies that enhance the customer experience and streamline operations. These apps offer features such as mobile check-in/check-out, digital rental agreements, GPS navigation, roadside assistance, and vehicle return reminders. Innova Solutions also integrated mobile payment options for added convenience for the rental car customers.

Revenue Management: Innova Solutions created revenue management solutions that optimize pricing strategies and maximize rental revenue. These solutions consist of dynamic pricing algorithms, demand forecasting models, and inventory optimization tools. Some customers also integrate with third-party distribution channels to expand rental visibility and reach new customers.

Automation and Paperless Operation: Innova Solutions helped car rental customers improve operational efficiency through automation and process optimization. This involves developing workflow management systems, Business Process Mapping, electronic document management solutions, and task automation tools. Innova Solutions integrated back-office systems such as accounting and payroll to streamline administrative tasks.

Cruise ships are a prime illustration of how customer tastes can shift when selecting a holiday spot. Cruise ship passengers demand the “best of the best” in terms of amenities since cruise ships are regarded as unique travel destinations. At Innova Solutions, we strive to support our cruise tourism clients to grow their customer base and optimize their expenditure. Therefore, we advocate long-term investment in flexible solutions.

Leveraging our demonstrated experience in technology innovation, we can readily envision the roadmap to enable a smooth end-customer experience, boost top-line revenue, and reduce operating expenditures, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with maritime regulations. A few illustrations of our expertise in cruise lines are as follows –

Digital Guest Experience: We have developed mobile apps and onboard digital platforms that enhance the guest experience throughout the cruise journey. This includes features such as mobile check-in, onboard navigation, activity scheduling, dining reservations, and personalized recommendations.

Reservation and Ticketing Systems: We have provided robust reservation and ticketing systems that streamline the booking process for passengers and integrate seamlessly with the cruise line’s website and other distribution channels. These systems can handle reservations for cabins, dining options, shore excursions, and onboard activities.

Onboard Entertainment and Connectivity: We have developed entertainment and connectivity solutions that keep passengers engaged and connected while onboard. This includes onboard Wi-Fi networks, streaming services, interactive gaming, virtual reality experiences, and digital signage systems.

Crew Management and Operations: We have developed crew management systems that help cruise lines efficiently manage crew scheduling, assignments, training, bidding, and communication. These systems include modules for performance tracking, and compliance with maritime regulations.

Safety and Security Solutions: We have provided safety and security solutions that enhance passenger safety and compliance with international maritime regulations. This includes video surveillance systems, access control systems, emergency response systems, and risk management software.

Environmental Sustainability: We have developed technology solutions to help cruise lines reduce their environmental footprint and comply with sustainability regulations. This includes waste management systems, energy monitoring and optimization solutions, and emissions tracking ability.

Travel & Transportation
and Hospitality Industry Challenges

Personalized Experience

Majority of enterprises implement self-service technologies and increase sales through online, mobile, and kiosks. Providing custom-tailored experiences aligned with individual preferences and requirements necessitates sophisticated data analytics and machine learning prowess.

Customized Loyalty Services

Through the acquisition of AI start-ups, hospitality enterprises aim to accelerate their intelligence capabilities and build a platform for data delivery that will also enhance customer loyalty and personalization.

Seamless Payments

Many hospitality businesses can offer contactless service and payments by leveraging digital infrastructure, which increases ticket sizes and customer retention by a significant amount.

The Advent of Robotics and Cloud

AI-powered Assistants, Connected Guests, and employee systems is expected to drive ~150% increase in IoT investments and ~250% increase in cloud and edge platform usage. 

Higher customer expectation and Sustainability

Today’s customers expect seamless digital experiences across all touchpoints, from booking and check-in to in-destination services and post-trip feedback. Meeting these expectations requires continuous innovation and investment in digital technologies, UX/UI design, and omnichannel engagement strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Travel and hospitality businesses must navigate a complex web of regulations and compliance standards imposed by FAA and other agencies. Adhering to health and safety protocols, data privacy regulations, and taxation laws adds to operational complexities and costs.


With the increasing reliance of customers on mobile devices for researching, booking, and managing their trips, it’s crucial to guarantee a smooth and well-optimized mobile experience. Nevertheless, creating and sustaining mobile applications that are both user-friendly and secure poses technical hurdles, especially for smaller businesses operating with restricted resources.

Interoperability and Connectivity

The travel and Hospitality industry comprises various stakeholders such as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators, each utilizing their unique systems and technologies. Guaranteeing interoperability and smooth connectivity among these diverse systems is crucial for delivering a unified and seamless travel experience for customers.

Adopting a Technology-Driven Approach

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain presents both opportunities and challenges for the industry. Adopting and integrating these technologies into existing operations while managing risks and ensuring ROI requires careful planning and investment.

Therefore, at Innova Solutions, we focus equally on strategy and execution—to recognize evolving business needs, maximize existing investments, and help clients transform operations at an enterprise scale.

AI-enabled robots for real-time monitoring, better inventory management & loss reduction.

Blockchain enhances transparency and product traceability & minimizes errors and fraudulent activities.

GenAI enhances customer service via Voice Assistance, Sentiment Analysis, Language Translation, Fraud Detection, Maintenance Prediction, and Customer Segmentation.

Real-time billing systems to eliminate manual documentation and enable prompt payment processing.

Our Services and Solutions for
Travel & Transportation and Hospitality

Digital Product Engineering

ASM, UI/UX, Quality Assurance and Migration

Automation Mobile Apps

Digital kiosks & Voice Assistants

Cloud Services

Consulting Strategy, Edge IoT, Legacy Systems Modernization

Secured Payment Systems

and Blockchain Solutions

Bigdata and AI solutions

Route Optimization

Gen AI Solutions

for Workforce Automation

End-to-End Talent Solutions

for critical business operations and Engineering Services

The Innova Edge

Domain Expertise across Aviation Engineering, Airlines, 4Pl, Hospitality operations, and financial operations

Reliable technology partner from Strategy to Execution

Presence of robust Travel Booking Platforms to provide customers with exceptional travel booking experiences.

Omnichannel travel booking experiences to attract millennial customers.

Mobility solutions specifically designed for reservations and guest self-service.

Regular upgrades of core administrative frameworks

Integration of customer data from various sources to derive insights.

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