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Cloud Strategy

Tailored and optimized for business success

94% of companies today are turning to cloud computing to deliver fast-to-market solutions for their business-critical applications and workflows. However, embracing the cloud can be expensive without a clear strategy and roadmap in place. Our approach provides important steps for developing a robust cloud adoption strategy:

Our Approach

PHASE 1 – CLOUD VISION: Setting a vision helps you identify what your business wants to achieve by moving to the cloud. Without a solid foundational architecture, you will have poor design decisions, increased risks, and higher costs. We work closely with our customers to understand their goals, constraints, and requirements to create an aligned cloud architecture, identity and access management, account hierarchy, tagging, and reporting. We also develop blueprints for services, orchestration, and automation to enable consistent, reliable instantiation and maintenance of resources.

PHASE 2 – CLOUD VALUE ASSESSMENT: Innova’s Cloud Value Assessment is an exclusive cloud service that provides the capability to spin up resources on demand at ease, experiment rapidly, evolve products and services in complete alignment with its business goals. We determine the costs and business benefits of the various stages of your cloud journey based on reference architectures and optimal technology standard prerequisites.

Step 1

Application Analysis

Conduct portfolio data collection for identified target applications across four dimensions to establish key app characteristics.

Step 2

Cloud Suitability & Placement

Analyse input data to understand
Cloud suitability | Optimal landing one |Migration path | Security demands

Step 3

Migration Pattern Decision

Prioritize application based on tool driven analysis of benefits, functionality, complexity, and effort required for cloud migration and cloud security.

Step 4

TCO Analysis & Business Case

Based on migration path and application TCO, create migration roadmap and assess potential impact of migration on TCO.

PHASE 3 – CLOUD ROADMAP: With our in-depth expertise in cloud technologies, we can help accelerate your roadmap through our full-stack Agile software development services. Creating a cloud roadmap is a great way to visualize the processes required to build your cloud solution. The roadmap includes key milestones, state-of-the-art technology, and estimated time and costs from the start of each phase of the process.

PHASE 4 – CLOUD TRANSFORMATION PLAN: This is the final step in planning a cloud strategy to provide quality and high-end cloud computing services and gain an edge in the cloud market. Innova’s successful cloud transformation plan establishes a management framework to effectively coordinate and distribute cloud functions for an integrated cloud strategy.

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