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Our vision is to be our clients’ most valuable technology services partner, an industry-thought leader, and generously give back to our communities.

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Digital Product Engineering

Innova’s expertise in digital product engineering helps organizations leverage the new-age technology stack and modernize products and systems with ease.

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Cloud Services

Innova’s custom cloud services drive innovation, agility, and intelligence across enterprises helping them realize significant business value.

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Data and Insights

Innova enables enterprises to achieve more with their data and leverage valuable insights that support business-critical decisions.

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Intelligent Automation

Unleash the full benefits of AI, BPM, and RPA with Innova’s Intelligent Automation services, which simplify workflows and drive efficiency.

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Cyber Security

Utilize the power of Innova’s cybersecurity offerings to deliver digital trust and neutralize threats effectively.

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Build Operate Transfer

Build and manage outsourcing with our unique B-O-T model and improve shareholder value through technology and business transformation.

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Talent Solutions

Tap into our expertise to address the complex workforce needs and optimize your talent acquisition strategies.

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Banking and Financial Services

Unlocking the power of Innovative Digital Solutions in Banking and Financial Services

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Communication, Media and Entertainment

Helping C&M clients achieve business goals through technology

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Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities

Leveraging technology to help Energy companies achieve security and sustainability.

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Government Solutions

Human-centered technology solutions for government agencies that enable them to deliver quality services to citizens.

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Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Insurance

Enabling businesses to bring new life saving remedies to market faster

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Leading the semiconductor and connected revolution to accelerate digital transformation and make products of tomorrow more advanced and relevant

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Manufacturing & Automotive

Digital solutions to help manufacturers lower their development costs and achieve faster time to market.

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Retail & CPG

Innovative solutions to help retailers deliver services and experiences that meet consumer expectations.

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Travel & Transportation and Hospitality

Technological innovation empowering travel and transportation players to stay ahead of the curve.

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Case Studies

Blockchain application reduces bill payment cycle from 4 days to real-time

Test automation framework improves response time in a drug history module by 70%

AWS services enable monitoring of plant performance in real-time

Order Management Application reduces order fallouts from 65% to 6%

Blogs and Insights

ACS Solutions Blogs

AI: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

  • September 20, 2023
  • Telecom

Across various industries, businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer experience by automating tasks, analyzing data, and providing personalized insights. Chatbots and virtual assistants efficiently oversee customer inquiries,

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ACS Solutions Blogs

Cloud Services in Enterprise Tech

  • September 12, 2023
  • Hi-Tech

To build a competitive advantage, modern businesses can enhance their efficiency, responsiveness, and competitiveness by utilizing enterprise technology specifically designed to tackle the scalability, security, integration, and regulatory compliance challenges that large organizations face.

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ACS Solutions Blogs

Meet Microsoft 365 Copilot, Your Personal Productivity Assistant-Powered By next gen AI

  • September 11, 2023
  • Microsoft Partner

In a world where digital collaboration and productivity are paramount, Microsoft 365 stands out as a powerhouse suite of tools designed to revolutionize the way we work, connect, and create.

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Rebranding to Innova

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