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Whether working with large enterprises transforming their technology in the cloud, helping reduce the complexity of adopting next-generation data analytics with Deep Learning, providing extensible technology platforms for payments systems and loyalty programs, or helping companies shed costs from their operations without incurring costly investments, Innova is ready to provide expert services and solutions customized to your business' needs and priorities.
Innova Solutions
Service Offerings
Cloud Services
Cloud Services
Innova's team of enterprise cloud experts enable companies to achieve an agile, compliant infrastructure with peak performance at optimized cost across both AWS and Azure.
Agile Cloud Transformation Program adapted to business priorities and needs, from full cloud migrations to complete architectural services.
A fully managed, policy-driven service providing extensive IT policy compliance delivering inspection, alerting, reporting and expert remediation at enterprise scale.
A fully managed service providing always-on health and cost audits to identify opportunities and apply techniques for eliminating waste and driving down costs in your cloud environment.
Cloud Services
A standard set of professional services focused on assisting enterprises to integrate their corporate IT infrastructure with their new cloud environments and optimizing traditional IT services for the cloud.
A packaged set of professional services to accelerate adoption of DevOps practices, including implementation of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tools and processes.
A jumpstart program of structured, progressive training and implementation units to accelerate your adoption and proficiency with container technology, from first launch to advanced application.
Complete suite of expert professional services providing a broad array of agile application development services for companies creating applications on the cloud or integrating with the cloud.
Data Services
Data Services
Innova’s Analytics & Information Management services deliver a broad, integrated range of service offerings enabling you to manage data, gain and optimize insights from both internal and external data, amplify intelligence and drive organization performance.
An extensive suite of data-focused and semantic analysis AI components for generalized use as well as industry-specific applications (e.g. financial services, automotive, health care).
Agile & Cognitive
A wide array of expert professional services focused on Business Intelligence, predictive & prescriptive analytics, visualizations and "What‑If" modeling.
Data Enablement
Expert professional services focused to super‑charge your data management processes, from realtime streaming and IoT to Big Data enablement to data migration, transformation and cataloging.
Innova's Foundational
Data Services
An extensible platform of core data management and analytic components, services and bots including capabilities such as anomaly detection, self-learning systems and bots, natural language processing and global search.
Data Sciences
Data Sciences
Innova's Data Science Platform (iDSp) is dedicated to "making data science easy" by delivering tools, methodologies and experiences to accelerate the adoption of AI; reducing time-to-market for Deep Learning applications with flexible and extensible accelerators and libaries of pre‑built cognitive models; providing jump‑start toolkits and solution blueprints; and reducing the complexity of training, deploying and serving ML models.
Data Science
A broad set of higher-level services built on top of the Innova Data Science Platform and centered around Deep Learning, Big Data, and IoT.
Deep Learning
Transforms AI engineering and lifecycle management into "Machine Learning As A Service," encapsulating capabilities such as language and image processing, and recommendation and self‑learning systems.
Robotic Process
A collection of innovative robots that improve business efficiency and accuracy through automation for diverse scenarios including process management, IT support and management, and software testing.
Data Science
Innovative, open-sourced bootstrap ML offerings with componentized end-to-end analytics solutions that span data science, data engineering, middleware and applications.
Data Science
Complete end-to-end data science solution covering the entire lifecycle of data management coupled with Deep Learning, including a bootstrap DL modeling kit, visual modeling and realtime scoring, cognitive analytics and job monitoring.
iDSp Component
iDSp provides a rich extensible structure enabling the rapid integration of special‑purpose components to perform specific functions (e.g. UI, visualization, deployment, lifecycle management, repositories, custom ML frameworks)
A complete interactive framework empowering user teams collaborating through a shared console to define data sources, create and configure services, define operational parameters and backend processes to drive visualizations leading to data insights.
Demo Videos
Demonstration videos illustrating typical usage scenarios for the Innova Data Science Platform (such as sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, data and chat bots and model retraining).
Payment Services
Payment Services
Innova's team of finance and block chain experts are helping transform the digitization of commerce by creating and deploying realtime, peer‑to‑peer digital payment platforms that provide more direct control with faster settlement, allowing financial institutions of all sizes to redefine the consumer experience.
A flexible platform enabling banks to build their own payments services integrating with multiple systems and channels, essentially breaking down the silos present in legacy structures.
A highly secure and distributed peer‑to‑peer solution offering realtime digital payment and loyalty management solutions that enable new revenue streams, reduce payment services costs and grow customer relationships.
A de‑centralized Digital Payments platform empowering Financial Institutions to build, operate and deliver a low‑cost, highly flexible Payment Network for their customers that is localized and multi‑brand.
Build - Operate - Transfer
Build - Operate - Transfer
Innova's BOT program delivers an accelerated, low‑risk and proven method to jump‑start new operations or start up a new development center, integrated with your current operations but without a costly initial capital investment.
Build - Operate - Transfer
IT Managed Services
From dedicated, 24x7 off‑shore operations to part‑time hybrid support, Innova provides customized, world‑class IT Managed Services for enterprises of all sizes that exactly match your company's needs.

Innova is a certified AWS Managed Service Provider Partner skilled in delivering pro‑active monitoring, automation and top-tier operations management.
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