Innova Solutions is passionately client‑focused with decades of deep experience solving
real‑world problems using advanced technology and approaches

Whether working with large enterprises transforming their technology in the cloud, helping reduce the complexity of adopting next-generation data analytics with Deep Learning, providing extensible technology platforms for payments systems and loyalty programs, or helping companies shed costs from their operations without incurring costly investments, Innova is ready to provide expert services and solutions customized to your business' needs and priorities.
Innova Solutions
Service Offerings
Cloud Services
Cloud Services
Innova's team of enterprise cloud experts enable companies to achieve an agile, compliant infrastructure with peak performance at optimized cost across both AWS and Azure.
Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
Innova’s Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation with our unique RPA methodology simplifies repetitive and rule-based processes, including automated data extraction, as well as error-prone back office tasks like data entry, account creation and data processing. Our business process management improves process efficiency and reduces human intervention.
Build - Operate - Transfer
Build - Operate - Transfer
Innova's BOT program delivers an accelerated, low‑risk and proven method to jump‑start new operations or start up a new development center, integrated with your current operations but without a costly initial capital investment.
Build - Operate - Transfer
IT Managed Services
From dedicated, 24x7 off‑shore operations to part‑time hybrid support, Innova provides customized, world‑class IT Managed Services for enterprises of all sizes that exactly match your company's needs. Innova is a certified AWS Managed Service Provider Partner skilled in delivering pro‑active monitoring, automation and top-tier operations management.
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