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Generative AI – Impact Areas

Innova’s Generative AI service offerings cover a diverse landscape, focused on providing efficient solutions tailored to our customer’s specific IT needs, transforming their IT productivity, enterprise business operations, and enriching end customer experiences. Through our Gen AI framework, we aim to help organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation and create distinct value proposition.

At Innova, we have strategically categorized our Generative AI (Gen AI) service offerings into three core areas: Gen AI for IT/ITOps, Gen AI for Business Functions/Operations, and Gen AI for Customer Experience.

Success Stories

Gen AI for IT

We facilitated the development of SDLC for a prominent telecom company, focusing on Use Case/Code generation…

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Gen AI for Business

Innova solutions worked with multiple regional healthcare systems to manage their denied insurance claims…

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Gen AI for Customers

One of the largest manufacturing companies of fasteners has vast amounts of data, and it continues…

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How Innova Can Help: Our Capabilities

Our enterprise customers can embark on their Generative AI journey with Innova via several avenues: Advisory, Adoption, and Application entry points.

Our Gen AI Advisory Services are targeted at strategizing and planning for the implementation of Generative AI. This includes establishing an AI task force, developing an adoption strategy and roadmap, conducting a readiness assessment, and designing a security, data privacy and compliance strategy specific for generative AI implementations.

Under Gen AI Adoption Services, we assist with setting up the right environment for effective use of Generative AI.

We are building and harnessing the Generative AI ecosystem built on three pillars:

Our partnerships with industry leading Gen AI technology developers like Microsoft, Google, AWS, Salesforce, and others significantly enhance our service capabilities. Participating in their beta and preview programs provides us with early insights into upcoming technologies and product improvements. This, coupled with our collaborative go-to-market (GTM) strategies, ensures that we consistently stay abreast of industry trends. By having our finger on the pulse of technological advancements, we deliver innovative, practical, and timely AI solutions that perfectly cater to our clients’ needs.


We offer comprehensive consulting and development support to our clients empowering them to harness the full potential of Generative AI. Our cloud experts, certified across AWS, Azure, and GCP, provide tailored solutions. With a team holding prestigious Generative AI Developer and AI Engineer Nanodegree certifications, we specialize in training and equipping professionals.

We bring expertise in leading services like Azure OpenAI, Vertex AI, Bedrock, and cutting-edge fine-tuning tools such as MosaicML Cerebras, Avalanche, and more. Utilizing advanced orchestrators like LangChain and LlamaIndex, we guide clients through the entire process, ensuring responsible and ethical AI practices.

AI-ready workforce – empowering businesses to tap the power of Gen AI

We have forged robust partnerships with clients and industry leaders to co-create cutting-edge solutions that are reshaping industries. Whether it’s revolutionizing healthcare payer-provider contract analysis or enhancing predictive analytics to optimize plant work order efficiency, our solutions are at the forefront of industry transformation.

How can you leverage Innova’s Generative AI framework

We offer a consultancy framework that seamlessly integrates with your fundamental inputs, including your core business strategy, value streams, and enterprise data. We harness the power of state-of-the-art Generative AI Language Models (LLMs), proprietary data sources, cutting-edge algorithms, and industry-specific data repositories to expedite your assessments. Throughout your generative AI journey, we work closely with you, not only offering support and collaboration on Generative AI LLMs, proprietary data sources, and advanced algorithms but also tailoring solutions to facilitate rapid assessments. The outcome is a comprehensive Generative AI strategy that encompasses key components such as business architecture, a meticulously defined adoption roadmap, pilot programs, robust data architecture, finely-tuned AI model architecture, and a resilient Generative AI technology infrastructure. Our approach ensures that you’re equipped with the tools and strategies needed to leverage Generative AI effectively and drive innovation within your organization.


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