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Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities

Optimize energy systems and processes while leveraging data-driven insights

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Reformed terminal automation system

Upgrading existing systems to reduce risk

The continuously changing economic scenario, M&A activities, privatization, deregulation and growing competition is leading to a plethora of challenges faced by Energy and Oil and Gas industries. It is changing the way energy companies are doing business. The drastic shift from nuclear to renewable resources of energy has led the energy companies to innovate on technology front to enhance the business efficiency.

We can help you by providing innovative and cutting-edge technology and IT engineering solutions which address your energy management and other operational challenges and help you achieve a competitive advantage.

The Innova Edge

Streamline supply chain logistics and optimize asset utilization
Improve and manage trading, marketing and supply chain
Manage energy programs, support rate & behavior analytics
Boost field force productivity with mobility solutions
Predict demand better by interpreting usage patterns

Our Industry Offerings

Make the energy transition with us. As we collaborate, unlock new business value along the following streams:

The rise in the global population has increased the demand for natural gas and crude oil. This has led to an increase in oil and gas exploration and production, driving capital investments higher. Innova’s energy experts and consultants help E&P companies to optimize their technology systems and processes as they leverage data-driven insights and make strategic decisions.
The oil and gas midstream industry faces a plethora of challenges such as price volatility, complex supply chains, lengthy inventory cycle, changing inventory management, compliance, and shipping regulations. We at Innova, with our vast pool of deeply experienced subject matter experts, help energy companies to implement bespoke energy and utility solutions which help in energy trading, risk, and pipeline management.
Market demand and government regulations are the two critical factors affecting the refining and marketing value chain. Major challenges witnessed by the oil and gas industry include high volatility in crude prices, variations in refining margins, complex supply chain, and continuously changing regulations. With our tech expertise, we help oil and gas companies continually improve product operations, optimize selling and distribution networks, and improve asset and refinery turnaround management. In addition, our advanced reporting solutions in quality control help improve the lead time, and our customized retail solutions improve the service delivery and retail margins.

The utility industry is undergoing a significant technology transformation due to the impact of global forces on the key stakeholders involved. The companies are facing major challenges across verticals such as business, technology, social and environment. Globally, utility companies require innovative solutions to gain ground in today’s competitive environment and meet consumers’ expectations. Innova Solutions comes with a vast experience across the energy value chain and offer innovative solutions to address the challenges faced in utility operations and the implementation of metering systems.

We have experience in working with RTOs/ISOs to improve operational performance and reliability of equipment and make better decisions on asset investments, which includes real-time operations, predictive maintenance, integrated asset planning, and operations. We also help improve wholesale operations through the process and system design, integration and development. Our areas of expertise include transmission reservations, energy scheduling, metering, capacity planning, ancillary markets, and disaster recovery systems.

How can we help?

  • Smart Grid: Benefit from our end-to-end embedded product engineering design to foster an improved turnaround time and have huge savings on-field operations.
  • Smart Metering: By leveraging our AI and Advanced data analytics accelerators, we can enable Smart meters to feed business and household energy data back to retailers, which will promote operational and cost efficiencies.
  • Energy Management Systems: We come with experience in SCADA and Energy Management systems (EMS) and the ability to integrate these modular EMS solutions into custom solutions that meet the needs of the future.

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