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Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities

Optimize energy systems and processes while leveraging data-driven insights


Power On, Risks Off – Prioritizing the Need for OT Security in the Energy and Utilities

Case Study

Installation of new hardware and migration of ERP system from Infor Lawson LSF9 to LSF10

Innova Solutions Expertise

Energy organizations facing market volatility, digital disruptions, and global economic shifts can rely on Innova’s business solutions to deliver innovative new ways of operating. As energy companies reshape their businesses, Innova industry and technology experts lead the digital transformations needed to integrate siloed data and adopt cloud platforms and cloud-native capabilities. We help companies accelerate the delivery of IT solutions through agile product and service models that streamline operations and improve efficiency. With these models in place, Innova can enable energy enterprises to stay competitive and resilient in a dynamic industry by unifying data from disparate systems, unlocking new operational insights, and managing complex technology landscapes. Leveraging our energy consultancy engineering services, our global teams deliver IT solutions that result in modernized industry processes and seamless user experiences while helping build a sustainable future.

Segments We Serve

10 out of 30 Energy companies in the Fortune list are our clients.

Our Services & Solutions

Digital Asset Management

Innova’s industry-leading domain and solution expertise in energy data

Energy Supply Chain Management

Innova’s Energy practice enables companies to transform their business process

Health Safety Sustainability & Environment

Innova delivers solutions that help companies protect people, assets and our environment

Cloud & Data Solutions

With our extensive energy value chain expertise enterprises adopt the latest cloud-native data platforms to streamline their business processes and better manage their data.

Clean Pathways to Energy

Guiding energy companies to achieve their net zero ambitions with effective energy transition solutions for reimagining business models, reducing emissions, and shaping a sustainable future.

Cyber Security

Fortify business resilience and seamless digital transformation with advanced cybersecurity, backed by real time and curated threat intelligence

Integrated Operations

We bring deep domain and digital expertise in effectively managing and transforming upstream and downstream assets to enhance performance, availability, reliability, profitability, and safety.

Make The Energy Transition With Us

As we collaborate, unlock new business value along the following streams

Innova Engineering

Innova Engineering offers a solution by seamlessly integrating your software and data, we empower efficient project delivery, faster decision-making, and improved communication across your teams. High-quality data fuels better decision-making, while our solutions support global teams in tackling even the most complex projects.

Industrial Software Development

Innova Solutions crafts robust, future-proof software solutions tailored to your specific industry needs. Our approach starts by understanding your goals and challenges, then leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI, to design, build, and evolve world-class digital solutions– from user-friendly interfaces to scalable AI platforms – that deliver exceptional and personalized experiences.

Digital Consulting & Advisory

Meet the visionary builders behind the world’s most innovative brands – Innova, bridging the gap between your business goals and the tech needed to achieve them.

Multi-Experience Composable Solutions

Innova Solutions’ composable solutions create interconnected experiences across web, mobile, chatbots, digital twins, IoT, and AR. This flexible architecture adapts and evolves to meet your changing business needs, ensuring your users have a delightful experience, no matter how they interact with you.

Ecosystem Evolution

Our specialized teams modernize and maintain your entire technical ecosystem, ensuring future-proof solutions. Innova seamlessly migrates you to advanced technologies like AI models, empowering you to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Low Code Solutions

Get to market faster and address challenges efficiently with our low-code and no-code solutions. These tools empower rapid development, boost productivity, and improve quality – all while reducing the need for specialized coding expertise.

Software Prototyping

Validate your software ideas fast with prototyping. Our user-centered prototypes balance functionality with experience, minimizing risk through early feedback and rapid iteration. Refine your concept before full development, ensuring informed decisions. We offer high-fidelity prototypes for features and low-fidelity models for core functionality.

How We Make A Difference

The Innova Edge

Streamline advanced grid management systems and energy storage solutions to help manage the variability of renewable energy.

Optimize supply chain logistics and asset utilization

Improve and enable predictive maintenance of infrastructure through advanced monitoring systems.

Manage and help mitigate cyberattacks and protect sensitive data

Boost field force productivity with mobility solutions.

Predict demand better by interpreting usage patterns

Automate manual data analytics.

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Meet Our Leaders

Ashish Saxena

Ashish Saxena

President - Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Technology (REMTT) SBU

Richard Rorschach

Richard Rorschach

Senior Director, Business Development, Energy & Utilities

Michael Shaheen

Michael Shaheen

Senior Director, Client Partner, Energy & Utilities

Raghu Mohan

Raghu Mohan

Senior Director and Global Domain Head - Automotive & Manufacturing

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