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Modern Managed Services

Combining cutting-edge technology, dedicated services & support to address your precise business needs
Organizations today strongly rely on digitization to achieve their future business goals. In the process of digital innovation, they engage Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who ensure they respond to changes quickly, can meet their transformation goals efficiently, and deliver innovative solutions. MSPs today are turning to AI-powered automation to accelerate service delivery thereby eliminating the need for human intervention. Innova’s end-to-end AI-driven managed services help modern enterprises optimize operations as they co-create and co-innovate.

Our Value Proposition

As a reliable Managed Service Provider, we help you manage your portfolio of technologies effectively. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs right from planning infrastructure upgrades, remote monitoring and management of complex IT infrastructure, and comprehensive security services, to configuration and management of cloud services.

Clients trust Innova Solutions for managed services as we leverage flexible cooperation models, focus on SLA-based delivery, ensure round-the-clock availability and quick responses, and work on a co-managed cooperation mode where knowledge transfer is standard. We help you identify the ideal managed services strategy as you focus on increased efficiencies and undertake strategic responsibilities.

Our managed services value proposition is best encapsulated in the diagram that follows:


Match IT to Business Velocity

  • Faster time to value
  • Increased velocity and productivity gains
  • Increased agility and adaptability


Consistency & Quality

  • Consistent service delivery with low error rates
  • Decreased risks & increased compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved user experiences & satisfied customers


Deliver efficiency and scalability

  • Cost effective scalability
  • Faster fulfilment, MTER, etc.
  • Greater efficiency of human resources


Automation and Self-Service

  • Enable rapid prototyping and experimentation
  • Unlock productivity and create value
  • Always-on and available services

Our Approach

Innova’s Managed Services depend on these seven service tenets:

We also follow a three-phased implementation framework to deliver short-term and long-term benefits. In the short term, we focus on keeping your business running, while in the long term we focus on improved user experience, reduced ticket influx, and optimized cost. We start with key resources onboarding to plan the transition then aim to get into a steady state by qualifying through several quality gates. Once we are in a steady state we proactively start working on automation and preventive mechanism to speed up the service delivery without compromising on quality.

Our Service Offerings

We ensure that you achieve your digital engineering goals with:

Leverage Innova’s fast evolving tools and accelerators to orchestrate the right-fit technology towards an application. An increasing number of assets indicates more maintenance hours and work units. Through flexible delivery models and innovation, we engage in continuous improvements and enhancements of applications or modernize them to help address the growing technology debt in a volatile application landscape. While we also focus on automating the deployment and maintenance of your applications to drive higher efficiencies, we also make sure to maintain stakeholder trust.

While you rely on us for managed application services, you benefit from:

Application Re-architecture

Application Performance Monitoring & Incident Management

Application Deployment Topology and Cost Optimization

Zero Touch Fully Automated Application Deployment, Leveraging Innova’s Infra as Code Framework

Application Security

Innova’s Managed Hybrid IT services help you shift to truly agile operations as you try to keep up with the varying data demands and increasingly complex applications. We ensure that you witness a consistent experience across the hybrid environment as we ensure seamless interactions among on-premises and cloud environments, and operational platforms and technologies. We also help with:

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity strategies

Hosting Services

Virtualization Support

Office 365 Support & Management

FICS Hosting Services

Network Management

End-user Computing Support

How will you protect your security posture with a shortfall in the security workforce globally and an increasing incidence of sophisticated threats? Innova Solutions Managed Security services help you focus on strategic security initiatives, manage day-to-day threats effectively, protect sensitive data, and achieve compliance. Our Unified Threat Intelligence Management System (UTIM) enables proactive security monitoring and investigation through advanced AI/ML algorithms, thereby providing greater visibility and control over security gaps. Our service suite also includes:

Application Security Services

SaaS and Cloud Security Services

Infrastructure Security Services

Endpoint Management & Security

Compliance Enablement Services

Key Benefits

Increased productivity

Benefit from our continuous improvement initiatives typically delivering productivity gains between 5%-10% a year.

Harness the opportunity to transform

With our Managed Services, you can free up internal resources for high-priority transformation tasks.

Reduced Mean Time to Recovery

We bring in speciality teams and support resources at critical times to reduce incident resolution time by 30%.


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