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Cloud Migration

Strategic and client-focused cloud migration services that will help you pivot to the future

Innova as a strategic partner meets you wherever you are in your cloud journey. Whether you are already using a cloud platform and wanting to migrate to another or getting started with migrating to the cloud, our deep expertise and multi-cloud approach help in handling large workloads. With built-in automation at every stage, we ensure intelligent and accelerated end-to-end migration.

Why do clients choose us?

We adopt an agile cloud migration project delivery methodology.

We have marquee technology partnerships with major platform and tool providers.

Our approach is client-focused, communicative, and collaborative.

Our cross functional team comprises over 600 certified cloud engineers.

We have a proven track record of cost effective and successful project delivery.

Our Approach

We support business cases that range from on-premises to cloud, a private to public cloud, or migration between public clouds.

Our approach to cloud migration primarily involves three key phases that include Plan, Build, and Run. At the “Plan” stage our cloud experts are responsible for strategy and road mapping. Through a gap analysis, we gain clarity on the current utilization and anticipate the costs of shifting to the cloud. Our strategy helps determine the applications that need to be moved and what the ultimate infrastructure will look like. We try to understand the strategic vision the client’s business has for the cloud, establish the business case, and create a concrete migration plan. Importantly, our plan takes into consideration the technical requirements of all software, business SLAs, the impact of operating in the cloud on performance, and new regulatory requirements.

The second phase is the actual “Migration” process where we modernize existing applications for the cloud, develop new cloud-native applications, and transform the architecture and infrastructure. Next, we try to identify the potential issues and roadblocks associated with migrating, validate cloud improvements, and perform acceptance testing. We leverage the scripting engines, sophisticated automation, solution accelerators, and templates provided by the major cloud providers to accelerate the client’s journey to the cloud. As we adopt the right approach and the execution strategy, we leverage our cloud migration factory to ensure intelligent and accelerated end-to-end cloud migration.

Finally, in the Run phase, we provide managed services tailored to your cloud environment. We take steps to ascertain whether the services are performing as expected and resources are being optimally utilized. We also provide ongoing training for the internal team, undertake KPI reviews, and establish ideas for the next phases of cloud transformation.

The Three Phases of Our Approach


Right at the start, we document the reason for cloud migration, ascertain the potential benefits that can be expected, and calculate the ROI. Upon validating the ROI, we define a cloud approach that includes the roadblocks, technical risks, and the solution approach. We evaluate the workloads, server configuration, infrastructure, and security concerns. Finally, we work closely with you to review the details of your applications and services, understand your constraints for people, security, and budget and assess your business priorities to get a complete picture. This helps us create the cloud migration roadmap which outlines the key tasks, deliverables, and deadlines.

As we execute the migration plan, we adopt a holistic, structured, agile migration factory approach.
Our Cloud Migration Factory specializes in:

Office 365 migrations that get you out of internally hosted Exchange and SharePoint and into the cloud as quickly as possible

Windows Server 2008 workload migration that will push your legacy workload into Windows Docker containers on Azure or AWS, or onto the latest version of Windows Server locally.

Re-platforming of your Microsoft SQL databases onto public cloud managed services such as Azure SQL or AWS RDS for Microsoft SQL, as well as into the latest on-premises version.

Active Directory to move identity to the Public Cloud securely and maintain access control and authorization for migrated Windows workloads.

Innova's Cloud Migration Factory

The Client Success
Rate is over 99%

  • Tested & Proven Migration Methodologies for 5+ years
  • Experience with managing over 200 Migration projects in 5 years and have achieved a 99.596 success rate

Save 20% - 30% of your migration cost by leveraging Innova's internal Migration and Automation tools

  • 30- Automation functions built
  • IMF Smooth Trek - Linux Migrator
  • Innova Exchange Migration Suite
  • Innova SharePoint Migration Suite
  • Nephele Domain

Certified Team of Engineers, Leaders and Project Managers

  • Microsoft Certified Engineers
  • AWS Certified Professionals
  • Quest Certified Engineers
  • VMware certified Engineers
  • Certified Agile Project Managers

Migration & Operation Experience

200+ Migration Projects and clients

managed under the factory

5000+ Servers

Migrated (Windows Linux)

End User Services

80k+ AD Objects
5k+ Workstations

Date & Apps

3500+ Databases & Middleware services Migrated

Collaboration Services

25k+ Exchange Objects
40k+ SharePoint Sites
300TB+ Data Migrated

The cloud migration factory answers questions that revolve around what to move where, when, and how. Having these answers facilitate the move to the optimal cloud and sets the stage for successful infrastructure migration, application migration, platform, and data migration.

Our key capabilities
Data Migration

Our deep industry expertise and comprehensive technology solutions streamline data migration and ensure that it is cost-effective and efficient. Before migrating the client’s data to the cloud, we try to gain clarity on the business problem that they are focusing on, whether it is data consolidation and modernization, migrating data for a backup or disaster recovery, a direct lift and shift for cost savings, leveraging advanced analytics, or addressing performance and capacity issues related to large on-premises installations.

 Cloud Data Migration Strategy & Planning

Once we establish the business case, we try to ascertain where the data resides, address the challenges associated with data silos, and solve the data quality issues before migrating it to the cloud. Also, during the migration process, we ascertain how much data needs to be moved, how quickly the migration needs to be accomplished, the types of workloads involved, and the security requirements. We prioritize the workloads, analyze the target environment, determine the correct migration plan for each workload, develop a pilot, and modify the strategy as per the results of the pilot.

This step-wise approach that we follow accelerates value realization for our clients and enables data-driven business reinvention. With our advanced and compliance-safe services, we also ensure full- backup and business continuity.

Infrastructure Migration

We believe that infrastructure migration should start with careful planning and a phased execution. At Innova, we develop a highly effective plan for infrastructure migration that includes seven key phases; Discovery & Analysis, Strategy & Planning, Infrastructure Build, Pre-Migration, Migration Execution, Operation Hand-off, and Decommission, the details of which have been outlined in the following diagram:

The first phase, Discovery & Analysis: It begins with analyzing the existing infrastructure, mapping the application dependencies, conducting a site audit, performing a workload analysis, and reviewing the impact of disaster recovery. We also take into consideration the on-premises cost which gives us an idea of maintaining the existing infrastructure.

The second phase-“Strategy & Planning”: We outline the migration strategy and define a cohesive cloud compute architecture that includes servers, interfaces, applications, networks and data storage.

The third phase-“Infrastructure Build”: We set up the cloud environment, provision for cloud services and put in place the security policies and network structures.

The fourth phase- “Pre-Migration”: We ensure network readiness (open the ports, configure firewalls), storage readiness (create backup & shared drives), and cloud compute readiness, decide on a detailed hour-by-hour move plan, and create a cutover runbook for infrastructure migration.

The fifth phase – “Migration”: Our team provisions for storage, migrates all the data and applications, tests the data in real-time for correct operations, and monitors the security policies.

With our phased infrastructure migration services, we make sure that our clients leverage the scale and resilience of a cloud computing environment without exposing their mission critical data and applications to security risks. After a successful infrastructure migration initiative, we provide long-term support and evaluate options to improve performance through innovation.

Application Migration

Moving an application to a new environment can involve several challenges. When we define an application migration strategy for a client we take into consideration the application’s dependencies, technical requirements, cost constraints, and security and compliance needs.

For successful migration of applications, an assessment phase is crucial. Innova’s migration assessment framework is designed to assist customers in evaluating their on-premise workloads and applications for cloud migration. It involves four crucial steps:

Step 1: Application Analysis

We conduct portfolio data collection for identified target applications across four dimensions to establish key app characteristics

Step 2: Cloud Suitability & Placement

We analyze the input data to understand the cloud suitability, the optimal landing zone, migration path & security demands.

Step 3: Migration Pattern Decision

We prioritize applications based on tool driven analysis of benefits, functionality, complexity, and effort required for migration and security. We group each of the applications into buckets based on the extent to which they are suitable for the cloud, as highlighted in the diagram that follows. This mirrors our 6R approach to cloud migration that includes Rehosting, Replatforming, Refactoring, Rearchitecting, Retiring, and Retaining.

Step 4: TCO Analysis & Business Case

Based on the migration path and application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we create the migration roadmap and assess the potential impact of migration on the TCO.

Platform Migration

Maintaining legacy platforms and infrastructure can hinder an organization’s ability to gain a competitive edge. While concepts such as DevOps, CI/CD, and Microservices are powerful, they can be difficult to deploy in organizations with significant technical debt. We help these organizations to deploy high-value platforms that meet the performance, cost, and reliability requirements of modern workloads.

Innova’s platform modernization strategy includes careful analysis, validated communication frameworks, and prioritization models that maximize investments in cloud-native practices. With our platform migration services, we help organizations to convert legacy software or infrastructure to their modern equivalents. The process often involves rewriting legacy applications, migrating workloads from on-premises to the cloud, or modernizing the infrastructure where the workloads are implemented.

Our engineering team combines their in-depth know-how in legacy and modern systems with continuous research to innovate and deliver velocity to value. They prioritize strong architectures and a cloud-native approach to deliver game changing platforms. In addition, they make use of Innova’s stable and proven toolkit to build and maintain new infrastructure and applications. 


Cloud operations is often a neglected aspect of cloud migration. As organizations migrate to the cloud, they also need to strategize on how to manage it well. Post transition, Innova focuses on continuous improvement of the new environment and evolves with you, providing the agility and scale you need for your business to grow and prosper. We contribute to all four dimensions of cloud management that include Financial, Operational, Security/Compliance, and Technology. Hence, we ensure that the entire cloud is optimally utilized and in a cost-effective manner.

Our Service Catalog

Cloud Service Catalog & IT Storefront

Aggregated Cloud Service Catalog and Self-service Portal

Cloud Provisioning & Orchestration

Cloud resources provisioning, Scale up/down, service request workflow automation

Cloud Consumption Management

Dashboard & Reports for Cost, Usage, Billing, and Chargeback

Cloud Monitoring & Performance

Centralized cloud resource monitoring, alerting & notifications, self-service

Governance, Policies, and Compliance

Governance Model Orgs,Department/Projects, Roles-based Policy Enforcement, Resource Compliance tagging

In addition to the above services, Innova, as a managed cloud services provider is also well-resourced with the right skillset to maintain security of the enterprise cloud operations. Our managed cloud services integrated with IT security ensure threat prevention and disaster recovery that protect the migrated data and applications and facilitate ongoing operations.

In a gist, our activities in this last phase of migration revolve around:

Building and training the internal team

Identifying the right roles and resources for cloud monitoring and reporting

Automating the newly migrated systems

Deploying continuous integration and continuous deployment

Implementing policies for enhanced performance and scalability

Exploring opportunities to reduce costs

Undertaking incident management

Making provisions for disaster recovery

And these initiatives empower companies to enhance operational efficiencies, ensure better performance for the most demanding applications, align the IT and business, optimize workload alignment, achieve unlimited scalability, and prevent threats.

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