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The industrial landscape is facing a perfect storm. Manual processes lead to 15-30% inefficiency in production lines (Source: IndustryWeek), while reactive maintenance causes unplanned downtime costing $260,000 per hour on average (Source: Mckinsey & Company). Traditional methods simply can’t keep pace with rising costs and evolving environmental regulations. But here’s the good news: Innovation is rewriting the rules. At Innova, we’re not just consultants; we’re architects of industrial transformation. We partner with you to identify critical bottlenecks and implement a customized suite of Industry 4.0 technologies to

Boost Efficiency

Leverage industrial automation like collaborative robots (cobots) to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up your workforce for higher-value activities. Integrate AI-powered analytics to optimize production line flow and minimize waste.

Reduce Downtime

Implement predictive maintenance powered by IoT sensors to prevent costly downtime and ensuring a smooth-running operation.

Enhance Worker Safety

Equip your workforce with connected worker solutions, providing real-time situational awareness and remote assistance to create a more immersive and engaging learning experience.

Optimize Costs with Cloud-Based Visibility

Migrate your data to secure cloud platforms, offering real-time insights into resource utilization and energy consumption. Leverage digital twins to model and optimize processes before implementation, minimizing costly errors.

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Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

Can you imagine a scenario where health emergencies can be predicted well in advance and life-saving procedures and medications expedited? Or a case where early stage clinical trials lead to more promising paths for drug discovery? Research on the concept of digital twins suggests that it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Find out more in this interesting blog.

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Meet Our Leaders

Ashish Saxena

Ashish Saxena

President - Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Technology (REMTT) SBU

Kaushik Doshi

Kaushik Doshi

SVP, BU Head Manufacturing, Automotive & Technology

Raghu Mohan

Raghu Mohan

Senior Director and Global Domain Head - Automotive & Manufacturing

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