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A Digital-First Payments Platform

At Innova Solutions, we are at the forefront of shaping the Banking & Financial Services landscape, backed by over 25 years of experience.

We are pioneers in “eXtreme Design” digital solutions for the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry, trusted by six of the top 10 global BFS companies. We are here to usher in a new era in Payments, Banking, and Financial Services.

Discover InnoWallet

48% of US citizens use Digital Wallet and with an the estimated Market Value of $350 Bn by 2026 the industry is growing at a CAGR of 15%.

Looking ahead, Innova launches its new digital payments solution, InnoWallet, a transformative force for digital enterprises.

Why InnoWallet?
Big Data Consulting

The Future is Digital

Digital wallets are taking over, with a projected 73% share of US online payments by 2026. InnoWallet is your ticket to stay appealing for Gen Zs.

Big Data Implementation

Decentralized Security

Say goodbye to centralized risks! Digital wallets move to decentralized key management system keeps your financial assets ultra-secure.

Big Data Visualization

Financial Inclusion

Break down barriers with InnoWallet. It’s about financial inclusion, empowering gig economy workers and opening doors to financial services.

Big Data Visualization

Cash is Out

World is moving towards cash displacement, driven by changes in customer behaviors and support from governments and Central Banks.

What Benefits Does InnoWallet Offer?

Enhance the payment experience for Boomers to Zoomers and digital brands.

Strengthen your relationships with digital brands through competitive fees and value-added services.

Position yourself as an alternate provider with innovative embedded payment products.

Enhance your revenues by cross-selling and fostering broader end-user adoption.

Whether you're a bank, a digital brand, a bank, or a digital wallet user, InnoWallet has something incredible in store for you. Experience it firsthand at our booth.

Meet Our Leader

Shantala Sadananda

Shantala Sadananda

President, BFS, CME & Emerging Markets SBUs

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