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Electric Vehicles

Build with Sustainable Speed for a Cleaner, Greener Future

Autonomous Vehicles

Reimagining Urban Mobility Prioritizing Passenger Protection

Connected Cars

Staying Connected as a Companion for an Enhanced Road Awareness

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Ushering the New Era of Safety & Assistance


The automotive industry is in a high-octane race towards transformation. A confluence of fierce competition, game-changing technologies, and evolving consumer preferences is pushing the boundaries. The checkered flag goes to those who can deliver connected, intelligent, and sustainable vehicles. However, stringent regulations on emissions, fuel efficiency, and safety create roadblocks. Traffic congestion and human error remain constant adversaries, hindering overall efficiency.

Innova is your high-performance partner in this exhilarating journey. We offer a comprehensive suite of technology services specifically designed to empower your automotive operations. Navigate the twists and turns of the changing landscape and achieve lasting success with Innova by your side:

Supercharge Innovation

Slash development cycles with AI-powered design tools and utilize virtual prototyping and advanced simulation technologies to optimize performance before a single metal sheet is bent.

Optimize Your Production Line

Reduce production time through industrial automation solutions. Leverage data-driven insights and cloud-based platforms to streamline your supply chain and ensure just-in-time delivery.

Craft the Connected Car Experience

Implement autonomous driving features in conjunction with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) – to enhance safety and reduce accidents. Incorporate robust cybersecurity solutions to protect your vehicles from cyberattacks.

Evolve to Electric and Hybrid

Become a leader in the electric & hybrid revolution with Innova’s expertise in automotive technology. Optimize powertrain efficiency to maximize range and minimize emissions. Integrate renewable energy solutions into your manufacturing process for a truly sustainable future.

Our Services & Solutions

Connected Vehicle Analytics

Self-Serve Analytics

Streamlined Vehicle Production Process

Regulatory Compliance

Software Development

Dealer Support System & Claims Processing

24*7 Managed Services

Agile Program Management & Reporting

Testing & Test Management

In-Vehicle Experience & Diagnostic Services

Telematic & Fleet Management

Aftermarket Support

How We Make a Difference

Blogs and Insights

Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

Can you imagine a scenario where health emergencies can be predicted well in advance and life-saving procedures and medications expedited? Or a case where early stage clinical trials lead to more promising paths for drug discovery? Research on the concept of digital twins suggests that it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Find out more in this interesting blog.

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Meet Our Leaders

Ashish Saxena

Ashish Saxena

President - Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Technology (REMTT) SBU

Kaushik Doshi

Kaushik Doshi

SVP and BU Head - Manufacturing, Automotive, Technology BU

Raghu Mohan

Raghu Mohan

Senior Director and Global Domain Head - Automotive & Manufacturing

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