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Case Study

Enabled a global heavy equipment manufacturer to have real time visibility into the whole manufacturing project

Client Background

The client is a US based heavy equipment manufacturer.

Client Need

  • The virtual product development division of the client had an ongoing issue with documenting and sharing intellectual property (IP) for their engineering analysis (FEA) and simulation processes, a key component of accurate virtual design and testing.
  • The client needed comprehensive process documentation to accelerate the training cycle for new and existing employees
  • Having their own engineers completely develop the documentation exacerbated the engineering dilution issue (high-level specialists spending too much time on lower-level tasks)
  • The engineers faced difficulty communicating their knowledge at the correct comprehension level

Our Solution

  • Innova worked with key client contacts to learn the specifics of their virtual design processes and determine the scope of the knowledge management solution
  • The analysis enabled Innova to design an efficient, multi-tiered documentation process.
  • The Tier 1 resource worked with the client SME to create the bulk of the content, focusing on revising grammar, syntax, and spelling issues of the existing client IP
  • The Tier 2 resource, selected for their deep knowledge of engineering analysis processes, reviewed the documentation for technical inaccuracies, confusing content, and omissions.
  • Finally, a Innova Project Manager served as direct liaison with the client to streamline communications as well as manage employee workflow, assignments, and feedback
  • To accelerate workflow and ensure security of the intellectual property, Innova recommended a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tool to provide a simple, secure way for the offsite Innova team to transfer documents, track status, and log client approvals for every document.

Key Benefits

  • The Innova team delivered 38 comprehensive process documents of 20-150 pages each, meeting all client objectives while providing real time visibility of the entire project at every step
  • The multi-tiered process increased efficiency by having writers with the appropriate skill level handle each part of the process while freeing the client’s high-level engineers to focus on business-critical tasks
  • Offsite Innova resources focused on the project only when there were active tasks in their queue and worked on other projects while waiting for feedback or approvals, a more cost-effective solution than having full-time, dedicated personnel
  • The comprehensive technical documentation saved time and money by reducing the training burden for in-house engineers while improving the consistency of the training process

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