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Innova Orion

Empowering Global Capability Centers with tailored & versatile solutions, leveraging our adaptable assets for unparalleled growth, innovation and success, while driving enterprise value.

About Innova Orion

Innova Orion, aims to provide a comprehensive catalogue of services designed to assist Global Capability Centers (GCCs) in their journey from incubation to maturing their presence in India.

The name “Orion” is one of the most recognizable & prominent constellations in the sky, which is visible from every part of the planet due to its unique position on the celestial equator, representing Innova Orion’s global reach and unique positioning to help GCCs on their distinct needs. Just as Orion is used as navigational aid, Innova Orion serves as a guiding force for GCCs navigating them on their journey, providing customized solutions that evolve with their business and growth expectations. As Orion is visible from both the northern and southern hemisphere, the impact and value it offers is much larger. Similarly, Innova’s vast experience helps in transforming GCCs by enabling them to drive value to the parent organization by bringing to bear its investments in reusable assets accelerating incubation to maturing their services/products.

The offering is tailored to address the diverse needs of GCCs across various stages of value chain maturity, tenure, and operating models.

Innova Orion Offerings

Innova with two decades of experience, offers a catalogue of services to GCCs that help them from Incubation to Maturing their presence in India

Providing strategic guidance and expert advice to GCCs during the ideation & incubation.

GCC Advisory Services

GCC Business Case and ROI Analysis

GCC Roadmap & Operating Model

Geo & Location Strategy

Risk Assessment

Assisting GCCs in optimizing their operations and processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Workspace & Workforce Strategy

GCC Playbook and Operational Readiness Check

Employer Value Proposition & Branding Strategy

Compliance, Tax & Regulatory Services

Talent Solutions & Managed Services

Infrastructure Services

Be the transformative catalyst to drive GCCs evolution by spearheading incubating and managing their Centers of Excellence (COEs) while continuously enhancing their capabilities.

Industry / Domain Assets & Accelerators

Roadmap for Transformation Hubs

Build Product Mindset Workforce

Learning Management Solutions

Plug and Play strategic Partnerships, Innovation Networks (Tech, Startups, Academia, etc.,)

Intellectual Capital Management & Co-Creation

Empower GCCs to become dynamic Innovation Hubs by orchestrating value across diverse innovation ecosystems, amplify their engineering capabilities in areas such as product development, R&D and domain expertise.

Industry & Point Solutions

Product Engineer Services (Digital/Core-Engineering)

Innovation Hubs & Experience Centers (Co-Innovate)

Expansion and Diversification

Engineering and Sustaining the growth

Innova Orion Differentiators to
Reap Benefits for GCC Ecosystem

GCC Industry Specialists

Over 100+Yrs of experience in helping various GCCs, Decades of serving Customers across domains.

Breadth of Offerings

Industrial/Engineering Services, Contingent Hiring, Talent & Technology Solutions

Innovation Ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem, Access to CoEs, IP/Solutions, BFS Universe, etc.

Pre-Built Asset Store

Over 30+ Domain & Architecture Blueprints, ROI Frameworks, etc

Flexible Engagement Models

Talent Scaling & Augmentation, Managed Services, Payroll, Outcome based, etc

Boundaryless Talent

Diamond Model, Talent Innovation Network, Agility & Precision

Value Orchestrator

Capex to Opex conversion, Strategic Value Chain Analysis & Optimization, Co-Branding


AI Based Match & Hire, Connect & Nurture, Retain & Redeploy Talent

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