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Lead to Innovate and Transform

Lifter leadership with Ashish Saxena, President, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Technology (REMTT) SBU at Innova Solutions

Candidate Experience and its Influence in Talent Acquisition

Explore the critical role of Candidate Experience and how it wields significant influence in shaping your organization's hiring success. Tune in to gain insights, tips, and strategies to elevate your talent acquisition game.

AI Everywhere in Banking: Exploring the Shift from ChatBot to ChatGPT

Diving into the Future of Banking: Join us in this enlightening podcast featuring Swati Dublish, an experienced Banking Services leader with 23 years of global expertise. Discover how she's shaping the Banking & Financial Services landscape business through the power of emerging AI technology.

Managing Stress and Burnout: Nurturing Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Learn how to manage stress and nurture mental health at work. Our podcast is here to provide insights, tips, and discussions to help companies and employees find balance and well-being. Tune in for strategies that empower you to thrive!

Creating a Culture of Mental Well-being Strategies for Employees

Join Doug Mason, Felix Grajales, and Gabriela Salzar for an insightful conversation with tips for creating a mental health-friendly workplace. From fostering open conversations to implementing self-care initiatives, we're unpacking it all. Tune in to our podcast to learn how you can help empower your team's mental well-being!

Discover how to model your optimization on AWS with AWS OLA

Our podcast unlocks the secrets to licensing optimization and cost reduction for Microsoft workloads on AWS! Join us for an insightful episode dedicated to Innova’s Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) Offering, featuring insights from two industry experts: Robert M. Toups from Innova Solutions and David Brisbois from AWS. Tune in to hear their real-life success stories and practical guidance for organizations looking to maximize their licensing investments!

Candidate Conversations

Get ready for an engaging podcast: Candidate Conversations! We had the privilege of sitting down with Krishna Nerusu to hear about his career journey and experience being a candidate at Innova. From job hunting to success stories, this episode is packed with inspiration and valuable takeaways. Tune in now and gain a fresh perspective on the candidate experience!

Pride: The Power of Inclusivity

Our latest podcast includes a powerful conversation with OUT Georgia on the organization’s incredible work and upcoming highly-anticipated event, “The Power of Connection Business Summit." Join hosts, Cynthia Myers, Lead at Innova's Office of DE&I, and Andi Monroe, an Operations & Business Manager from the OUT Georgia Business Allegiance, to discover how connections can ignite change and empower the LGBTQ+ community!

The Importance of Process Compliance

Discover the importance of process compliance in candidate screening with our host Nakul Pandya, Associate Team Lead - Recruitment • GRC, and guest speaker, Neeru Batra, Senior Functional Analyst • GRC. Learn how following a rigorous screening process ensures fairness, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.

Celebrating AAPI Month: Reflecting on Our Diverse Stories

Our new podcast episode, "Celebrating AAPI Month: Reflecting on Our Diverse Stories," is live! Join us as we explore the power of representation and discuss actionable steps to support the AAPI community with our host, Cynthia Myers, Lead at Innova's Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, & Khenrab Palden, Operations Manager from Tasveer.

Culture Connect: AAPI Voices Amplified

Introducing Innova's latest podcast episode in honor of AAPI Month, “Culture Connect: AAPI Voices Amplified,” with guest speaker, Charlotte Gurney, our VP of Global Industry Marketing. Tune in as Charlotte shares her perspective, experience, and explores the significance of AAPI Month.

The Importance of the Interviewing Process

Ready to take your hiring process to the next level? Our latest podcast episode, "The Importance of the Interviewing Process," with Alex Uthup—Recruitment Operations Lead—is a must-listen. Our guests share invaluable insights and tips to help consultants enhance their processes and find top candidates. Tune in now to start building your dream team!

Efficiency as a 2023 Mantra

Work smarter, not harder! Our latest podcast episode, “Efficiency as a 2023 Mantra,” features industry experts sharing experience and advice on making efficiency your mantra for maximum productivity.

Strength in Diversity: The Positive Impact of Women

From breaking barriers to driving innovation, women have long been agents of change in the workplace. Join us for a discussion on the positive impact of women in leadership roles in our latest podcast episode.

What You Need to Know About Claim Denials

Tune in to our podcast, 'What You Need to Know About Claim Denials,' with guest speakers Kelly Walton, Executive Directors of HealthCare Operations, and Josh Holland, Vice President, - from ComforceHealth, an Innova Solutions company. Get expert tips and tricks to help you get the coverage you deserve. Join our community of listeners taking charge of their insurance claims.

Customer Delight Part 2

The exciting continuation of our series on building customer loyalty! Join Fadi Baaklini, Innova's US Delivery Head of Financial Services, and Jorge Hernandez, our Director of Program Management, as they dive deeper into strategies for creating lasting connections with your customers.

Customer Delight Part 1

Aiming for Customer Delight can take customer loyalty to the next level. Want to know how? Check out our latest podcast, “Customer Delight Part 1,” with guest speakers Fadi Baaklini, US Delivery Head–Financial Services, and Jorge Hernandez, Director Program Manager–Cloud Services.

Our Experts Discuss Talent Land Mexico

Want to join our team of Innovators? Or need help building your own team? Check out our latest podcast featuring two of our Talent Acquisition experts—Catalina Sánchez, our Talent Acquisition Head Mexico, and Regino Martínez, our Talent Acquisition Lead Mexico.

ChatGPT: Exploring Ethical Uses of AI

In this podcast – Chatting with ChatGPT, Exploring Ethical Uses of AI, our CTO, Sreedhar Kajeepeta shares deeper insights into this AI chatbot.

Get To Know Your Customer

Listen to this interesting podcast describing how exactly knowing the customer well leads to loyal customers and great business success.

Mexico, A Hidden Jewel for Nearshore Delivery

Listen to the hidden benefits of nearshoring and how this practice adds great value to you business.

From Great Resignation to Great Commitment

A resignation could be a stepping stone to a great new commitment. Listen to this insightful podcast and explore more.

Women in Technology

Bringing women to any field has great benefits and technology is no exception to this rule. Learn how women in technology are transforming the business world.

Teamwork Part

Be it sports or corporate affairs, it’s teamwork that always wins. Here’s an interesting podcast underlining the importance of teamwork in business.

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