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Shaping the Future: AI vs. Gen AI in Technology

In the dynamic realm of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (Gen AI) have emerged as formidable forces, reshaping the boundaries of what's possible.

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Choosing the Right Search Framework: A Comparative Analysis of RAG, RCG, and Flash Attention in Generative AI

Generative AI is rapidly evolving, and new frameworks are emerging that offer significant improvements over traditional methods. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Retrieval-Centric Generative (RCG), and Flash Attention, as well as their potential applications in various fields.

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Unlocking the Future of Customer Experience: Is Your Business GenAI-Ready?

Welcome to the brave new world of Customer Experience (CX), where artificial intelligence (AI) is not merely a buzzword but an expectation. Meet GenAI—the generation that grew up with AI and anticipates intelligent, personalised experiences at every touchpoint. If you are still wondering whether to jump on the AI bandwagon to enhance customer experience, the train has not just left the station—it’s picking up speed.

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B2B Payments: Unlocking A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for Banking & Financial Sector

Fuelled by rapid technological transformation and digitalization, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4I) has already transformed the way we conduct business. In an era characterized by unprecedented global connectivity, B2B payments have emerged as the vanguard of a financial revolution, reshaping the landscape of international commerce. As businesses traverse borders and forge collaborations on an unprecedented scale, the significance of seamless, efficient, and secure payment mechanisms has never been more pronounced.

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Harnessing the Power of Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model (DDPM) for Enhanced Threat Detection

In the contemporary digital landscape, businesses and organizations across the globe are grappling with a significant and growing concern - cybersecurity. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber threats and attacks, it has become abundantly clear that robust security measures are not just a necessity but an imperative. One of the leading-edge security solutions in this realm is the use of machine learning algorithms, with particular emphasis on the Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model (DDPM). The DDPM is proving to be a potent tool for identifying anomalies within security data and enhancing the detection of potential threats.

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From Manual Scheduling to AI-Powered Precision

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficient production scheduling is a critical factor in maintaining a competitive advantage and ensuring timely deliveries to customers.

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6 Benefits of Promoting from Within

Hiring new talent is no easy feat; it is time-consuming, costly, and at times seemingly impossible. In today’s employment market, we see a deficit in workers vs job openings. In fact, there are 9.6 million job openings in the U.S., but only 6.4 million unemployed workers.

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You can do so much to help influence your mindset and stay positive, but company culture can negatively impact you despite your best efforts.

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AI: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

Across various industries, businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer experience by automating tasks, analyzing data, and providing personalized insights. Chatbots and virtual assistants efficiently oversee customer inquiries,

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Cloud Services in Enterprise Tech

To build a competitive advantage, modern businesses can enhance their efficiency, responsiveness, and competitiveness by utilizing enterprise technology specifically designed to tackle the scalability, security, integration, and regulatory compliance challenges that large organizations face.

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Labor Productivity Management for Healthcare Providers

Labor productivity is the lifeblood of any organization. Irrespective of the industry a business operates in or the kind of goods or services it offers, any organization that isn’t productive enough will suffer. Extended non-productivity leads to the wastage of both human and financial resources.

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The Power of Tokenization in Capital Markets: Transforming Asset Ownership and Investments

A paradigm-shift phenomenon has emerged in the dynamic realm of capital markets, poised to redefine the essence of asset ownership and exchange. Tokenization, a unique concept at the intersection of blockchain technology and finance, is orchestrating a profound transformation in how tangible assets transcend into the digital domain, where they seamlessly transact.

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Efficiency As a 2023 Mantra

The metaphor, ‘Change is the Only Constant,’ gets as real as one could imagine in today’s uncertain business environment. As companies refocus their attention on efficiency measures, efficiency climbs

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Generative AI in Medical Information Management

The life sciences industry provides crucial medical information about medicines and drugs. Healthcare providers and patients depend heavily on this information to understand these drugs better.

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Upskilling & Internal Mobility

All of us have successfully adopted the new normal—the world that we have been living in post-Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as the pandemic ended and life began to return to ‘normal,’ industries worldwide started to experience another milestone economic trend, ‘

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Providing Cybersecurity to Semiconductor Companies

Electronic devices are an essential feature of modern life, and the semiconductor chips that power them are the key to their functionality. These chips are crucial components, enabling everything from phones to energy grids to operate smoothly.

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People Management Function Meets the Omniverse

Instance 1: Imagine your future workplace — a place where you could engage in beachside chats with your teammates, take meeting notes while floating around a space station, or teletravel between your offices in Dubai, UAE and San Francisco, USA.

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Take Control by Speaking up At Work

In the workplace, saying "yes" comes naturally when asked to complete a task, join a meeting, or take on a new project. But saying yes is only sometimes realistic.

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5 Ways to Encourage and Keep Women in Tech

Halfway through 2023, and unfortunately, there is still a glaring lack of women in tech. Although there has been progress over the decades, women are still largely missing from the tech space at all levels.

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Azure Landing Zones for Cloud Migration

If you are planning to migrate your workloads to Azure, you need a reliable and scalable way to deploy and manage your cloud resources. Azure landing zones are a set of best practices and tools that help you create a secure, consistent, and compliant environment for your cloud migration.

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Three Principles to Sustainable Growth

In the latest edition of Fortune Business Review, Shantala Sadananda—Innova’s President of Banking & Financial Services SBU & Emerging Markets—offers the following advice for businesses looking to sustain their growth.

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Preparing for the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry constantly evolves as it faces new challenges every decade. From new diseases to unforeseen surges in care, the industry must remain vigilant to care for the population successfully.

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The Cloud: A Catalyst for Innovation and Agility in Banking

As banks look at transforming how they have been doing business in the past, they are considering a fast switch to the cloud. According to a recent McKinsey survey, 60% of the banks plan to shift their operations to the cloud in the next five years. We have discussed this topic further, the regulatory needs and benefits of cloud migration in this blog.

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5 Benefits of a Recruiter Partnership

When people consider working with a recruiter, they are typically in a reactive state of mind. That is, they are seeking employment. But recruiter relationships go beyond the necessity of a job search. An experienced recruiter can help you find a new job, this is true, but the best

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Why Managers Need Support: Understanding the Impact of Pressure

Managing a team is one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles one can take on. But with great power comes great responsibility, and managers can often find themselves in difficult positions when it comes to balancing their managerial duties with the pressures that come from above and below them.

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Automated Candidate Nurturing

The word ‘nurture’ literally means “caring for and protecting something while it is growing and developing”. Everything must be nurtured from the beginning to let it develop and grow in all its splendor. Be it talent or relationships, nothing survives if it is not nurtured properly.

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Streamlining Your CV for 2023

Curriculum Vitae, better known as a CV, has existed for hundreds of years. In fact, Leonardo DaVinci is credited as the first person to list out his experience in order to land a job.

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Gen Z: A to Z New Style of Working

The above words are not Greek to people across generations. But yes, these things resonate most with Generation Z (fondly addressed as Gen Z).

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A Guide to Delivering Constructive Feedback

Feedback is an essential aspect of professional success. To elevate performance and strengthen their organization’s culture, leaders must consistently give employees in-depth feedback—including both the good and the bad.

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9 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job

Writing a resume can be a challenging task, especially when you're in the Information Technology field where competition is high and employers receive hundreds of applications for a single job posting

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5 New Year’s Resolution Tips

As each year begins, people across the globe resolve to be better versions of themselves in the year ahead. Whether they’re healthy habits, learning a new skill, or anything in between, resolutions rule the month of January.

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How Technology has helped the Telco industry

The telecoms industry has undergone significant change in recent times. A drop in demand for voice and text messaging has created the need for many to pursue digital transformation, adopting cloud-hosted solutions and investing in sophisticated tech.

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One Simple Trick, Really!

In our pandemic changed world, the annual IT conventions, summits, and meetups have movedonline. This year’s DEF CON was no different. Usually held in Las Vegas and noted for its “Spot theFed” contest, DEF CON is the largest, annual gathering of white and black hat hackers along with those interested in the knowledge they can share.

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Data-driven Healthcare

Welcome to the New Normal. These are the latest words entering the vocabularies of Americans as we enter the new phase post-pandemic.

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Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

Can you imagine a scenario where health emergencies can be predicted well in advance and life-saving procedures and medications expedited? Or a case where early stage clinical trials lead to more promising paths for drug discovery? Research on the concept of digital twins suggests that it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Find out more in this interesting blog.

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Edge AI: Data Intelligence at the Edge Level

Read the blog to understand how in EdgeAI, edge devices process data locally using AI/ML algorithms, reducing the need to send every data to the cloud for data analytics. This brings data intelligence to each edge node or cluster of nodes.

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Edge AI: The Era of Distributed AI Computing

Rapid development in edge computing, along with Artificial Intelligence and IoT is helping organizations to develop smart/intelligent connected network of edge devices called Edge AI> or Edge AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) or Intelligent Internet of Things. Read more in this interesting blog.

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Telecom Industry Trends in 2021

Accelerated by the pandemic in recent months, multiple forces have converged to reshape the telecommunications industry. Between advancements in AI, edge computing, and IoT, along with the implementation of 5G, the telecom sector is at the precipice of change. In this primer, let's look at the trends, which dominate, and help telecommunication companies deliver high-value services.

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