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Solving the Challenges of “Front Line” State and Local Government Agencies

Solving crimes, serving citizens or monitoring offenders are complex puzzles. To assemble the pieces, state agencies need access to diverse information from disparate sources. We help these agencies share real-time, confidential information, generate actionable intelligence, and make more informed decisions as they protect our health, our nation, and our way of life. Our clients turn to us to help them solve the industry’s largest challenges:
Big Data Consulting

Improving Information Sharing

Big Data Implementation

Optimizing Workflows

Big Data Visualization

Reducing Cost of Data Sharing

Maintenance and Support

Improving the IT to Business Relationship

Big Data Consulting

Improving Data Quality

Big Data Visualization

Improving Officer Safety

Big Data Visualization

Improving Public Safety

Over 50 Public sector
agencies as clients
Over 25 years of serving
the public sector


Information Sharing Portals, Cross Agency Collaboration, Identity and Privacy Management, Data Quality Management


National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM), Security Framework

How We Help Justice and Public Safety Clients Meet Their Challenges Head On:

Big Data Consulting

Intra-State and Inter-State Information Sharing Systems

Big Data Visualization

Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Portals

Big Data Visualization

Sex Offender Registries

Our solutions leverage National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and other national standards.

Big Data Consulting

Public Safety/Homeland Security Information Sharing Systems

Big Data Visualization

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Systems

Big Data Visualization

Health and Human Services Information Sharing Systems

Innova Solutions is a national leader in the design and deployment of enterprise solutions that leverage the Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) security framework.

Big Data Consulting

Common Client Index/Master Patient Index

Big Data Visualization

Crime Index/Master Name Index

Big Data Visualization

Master Data Management Solutions

Innova Solutions designs and deploys solutions that collect, analyze, and disseminate critical information to improve situational awareness and decision-making.

Big Data Consulting

Criminal History and Incident Reporting Systems

Big Data Visualization

Predictive Policing Systems

Our Solutions

Big Data Consulting

Application Services

Big Data Implementation

Solutions Architecture

Big Data Visualization

Legacy Modernization

Maintenance and Support

Data Strategy

Big Data Visualization

Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting, and Analytics

Big Data Consulting

Cloud and Infrastructure Services

Big Data Implementation

DevOps and Agile

Maintenance and Support

Secure Information Sharing

Big Data Visualization

Business Consulting

Big Data Visualization

Project Management Office (PMO) Services

How We Make a Difference

Partner in strategy and execution

Real world leadership experience in the challenges of criminal justice processes

Expertise in information sharing standards

Case Studies

Information Sharing System Project

A state government needed to enable a statewide system of information sharing across stakeholders in the criminal justice process.

Client Need:

  • The Client needed to enable statewide sharing of information and consolidation of reports across criminal justice agencies, while eliminating redundancy between disjointed systems.
  • They launched a project to share information between different but intersecting agencies, enhance business processes, and improve public safety within their state.

Our Solution:

  • We performed requirements gathering, design, and development services related to information exchanges and functionality to search incident data across the state.
  • This included development of LEXS-based web services; configuration of the user portal, a multi-entity index; and integration of Agency Team Sites for intra- and inter-agency workflows.

Key Benefits:

  • The system allows more than 20,000 authorized users to share information collected by various criminal justice agencies.
  • It allows authorized users to access criminal data compiled by law enforcement and Judicial Branch agencies statewide.
  • In addition to saving lives, this new system is also expected to save millions of dollars annually by reducing paperwork and other tasks.

Electronic Disposition Reporting

A state supreme court organization needed a means to provide electronic reporting of court case dispositions to the state criminal history repository.

Client Need:

The state supreme court hosts a data repository that receives data updates from all district courts within the state on a daily basis. The reporting interval between disposition of a court case and the update of that disposition into the state criminal history repository was often times weeks or months because there was not a standardized method to report the data electronically.

Our Solution:

  • We were engaged to analyze and implement an electronic Filings and Disposition Data Submission Interface.
  • The interface developed was NIEM conformant and allowed any court organization in the state to submit court case disposition data directly to the state criminal history repository.
  • The solution also includes audit logging and notifications to data owners regarding any data anomalies.


  • Within just 30 days of the implementation, the state saw a 7.2% drop in the time it takes to process dispositions.
  • Dispositions that once took 3.5 to 6.5 years between disposition of a case and entry into the Criminal History Repository now take an average of just over two months.
  • Data quality for the criminal history system is continually improving.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project

This state created an organization whose mission is to improve criminal justice information sharing among state and local agencies.

The CJIS system is a statewide cooperative project between state and local criminal justice agencies within the State.

Client Need:

The state needed a means to share information with criminal justice community stakeholders in a secure, auditable manner.

Our Solution:

Our team designed, developed, and deployed the and Portal to integrate data from various State and local agencies. Since the original deployment, we have enhanced the CJIS portal and have been providing application maintenance and support for the solution.


  • The portal provides its users with advanced search capabilities to access data from the integrated systems/data sources and provides a unified summary view of available data from each of these systems.
  • CJIS integrates data using GJXDM and NIEM standards and prepares N-DEx data extracts in NIEM XML format for FBI submission.
  • The solution integrates data from 450+ data sources and supports users in local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Some of the data sources integrated in this architecture: Criminal history, Courts, Jail and Correctional Services, Probation/Parole, Pardon Board, Accident reports, Citations, Schools, Warrants, Protection Order, Sex Offender registry, Health & Human Services – Wards, Safety Plan and Youth Level Service (YLS) assessment, Driver license, and Vehicle Title & Registration.

IT Modernization and Cloud Migration Project

This statewide public safety organization needed to update their application architecture and move to the cloud.

Client Need:

This statewide public safety organization planned a multi-phase effort to modernize the systems that make up the state’s Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) applications. CJIS provides law enforcement information and civil applicant processing to assist thousands of statewide police officers and citizens requesting background check services.

Our Solution:

We were a member of a larger partner team engaged to support the state’s vision for a cloud-based CJIS application architecture. The Innova team delivered services for the solution’s identity and access management, middleware development to enable system-to-system information exchanges, and developed a secure Search Portal for authorized users.


The project enhances services to improve safety for law enforcement and citizens by modernizing how the agency supports information requests from criminal justice agencies and background check requests from the public. The underlying solution also improves overall data quality within the criminal justice enterprise in the state by automating data workflows between systems.

Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project

This statewide organization’s mission is to support statewide law enforcement agencies and improve data quality for statewide data repositories used by state and local agencies.

Client Need:

The state needed to integrate its many different databases to allow authorized users to access criminal data as well as implement workflows to increase productivity for the user community. We were engaged to design, build, and deploy a cost-effective solution that supported rapid development, integration, and deployment.

Our Solution:

Our team designed and deployed the CJIS system with integration into these data sources: State Courts, Warrants, Protection Orders, Department of Corrections, Sex Offender Registry, Computerized Criminal History, Concealed Firearm Permit, Vehicle Title, Vehicle Registration, Driver’s License, Driver’s License Photos. In addition, we provided state staff with training related to information sharing policies and standards.


The statewide search portal allows authorized users to view data related to people, locations and property across all the databases integrated into the solution. The search capability improves officer and public safety by delivering information to the individuals who can use it most.

Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Project

This state was faced with replacing their outdated CCH system.

Client Need:

The state needed to replace their aging CCH, concealed firearms permitting, protection order and warrants applications with newer technologies.

Our Solution:

Our team designed and developed an updated application suite to address the state’s needs. We analyzed application requirements, designed, developed, and implemented a web-based application to migrate and integrate legacy data from the mainframe systems onto a single platform. The applications are based on industry standard tools and allow the state to address state-specific requirements to support their users.


The resulting applications interface with the state Automated Biometric Information System (ABIS) and the state message switch. The integration points conform to national standards such as NIST and NIEM. This project included the development of a claims-aware application to generate claims, SSL certificate security, application interfaces, and information exchanges conformant to NIEM.

Electronic Deposition Reporting (EDR)

This state has a decentralized court organization, each of which has a different court case management system. Criminal history data was becoming outdated because the dispositions were not reaching the state CCH repository in a timely fashion and were being entered manually.

Client Need:

The state needed to a means to receive court case dispositions from a broad array of court case management applications. They needed a way to process dispositions electronically and in a standards based fashion.

Our Solution:

Our team developed a new online electronic disposition reporting system that allows courts to submit disposition information to the state criminal history system. This project is the first step to fully automate the receipt of dispositions from the courts.


  • The data quality within the criminal history repository is greatly increased.
  • Agency staff are available to support other work tasks and research more complex situations because they are no longer manually updating each disposition.
  • Most importantly, the data made available to users who rely on criminal history data allows for improved officer and public safety.


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