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Bringing patients to the center of a connected health eco-system

Healthcare Business Solutions

Driving Innovation in Healthcare Business Solutions

The last few years have witnessed unparalleled change in the healthcare industry with primary business drivers of the industry forcing organizations to rethink the way they strategize, invest, operate and compete in the market. While patient centricity has taken a pivotal role in this change of approach, some of the key trends reflect the shifts that the industry in going through:
Big Data Consulting

Growing investment in virtual and physical primary care services for ease of accessibility and affordability

Big Data Implementation

Changing demographics accelerating growth of Medicare eligible population and decline in commercial market

Big Data Visualization

Rising customer expectations towards better experience from healthcare services – need for total experience transformation

Maintenance and Support

Growth of data monetization supported by commercial health data platforms – enforcing greater use of member and provider data

Big Data Visualization

Innovations in medical technology and strategic platforms driving a patient centric connected health platform

These shifts, while causing industry structural changes, have demonstrated the importance of maintaining an agile business posture, capable of rapidly adapting to changing market conditions.

We partner with Payer, Provider and Digital Health organizations, helping modernize, optimize and transform clinical, operational and financial platforms to better enable the evolving demands of healthcare ecosystem. Our services and solutions enhance customer experience, improve clinical outcomes, drive business growth, reduce operational costs, and better support delivery of care.

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Supporting for over 25 years

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Supporting for over 20 years

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Digital Health Orgs

Supporting for over 20 years

Our Industry Offerings


We have been working with many provider organizations, helping them maximize the value of their technology investments, in support of clinical, operational and financial objectives. Our deep understanding of Revenue Cycle Management, combined with technology superpowers have been helping us deliver better clinical outcomes, optimized clinical workflows, enhanced patient experience and safety.


Our Payer centric IT offerings are designed to help organizations transform their core administrative processing, offer unified customer experience, retain and grow membership base including Medicare advantage population, improve clinical efficiencies and effectively utilize longitudinal health data to improve population health.

Digital Health

Digital health organizations, while playing a major role in effective coordination of care delivery, are the flag bearers of innovation and disruption in the industry. We enable digital health organizations build effective product strategy, accelerate time-to-market, integrate with payer/provider enterprises for their scalable, sustainable and quality solutions.

Healthcare Business Solutions

Our core business is providing workforce and consultancy solutions to hospitals, healthcare systems, payers, and providers across the United States by bridging the talent gap that currently exists in healthcare today.

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Jeff Hoekstra

Jeff Hoekstra

Segment Head, Providers

Roshan Uttangi

Roshan Uttangi

Segment Head, Payers

Gautomi Chowdhury

Gautomi Chowdhury

Segment Head, Digital Health Tech

Josh Holland

Josh Holland

Segment Head, Healthcare Business Solutions

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