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Cybersecurity for Defense Systems

Securing Defense Systems in the Cyber Age

Advanced Communication Systems

Building Secure and Resilient Communication Networks for Global Military

Space Exploration & Commercialization

Charting the course of Commercial Space Economy for the future

Sustainability & Circular Economy Practices

Empowering a Greener Future Through Technology

Secure Expertise, Unwavering Security

Innova, the trusted source for vetted talent in Defense & Aerospace


The Defense and Aerospace sectors are the tip of the spear, pushing technology to safeguard nations, explore the unknown, and propel scientific progress. This sector relies heavily on security-cleared personnel to tackle innovative projects that demand the highest levels of security and expertise. At Innova, we understand this pressure for reliable, advanced solutions. Innova streamlines your Defence and Aerospace projects by providing not only advanced technologies, but also a trusted pool of security-cleared personnel. Our staffing solutions ensure you have the right expertise with the necessary clearances to tackle your most critical initiatives. Glimpse through Innova’s tailored suite of services designed for unwavering success:

Fortify National Security

Thwart cyberattacks with our impenetrable security solutions. Sharpen situational awareness with advanced communication systems. Uncover hidden threats with data analytics that predict and mitigate risks.

Revolutionize Discovery Missions

Navigate with pinpoint accuracy using our advanced guidance systems. Optimize mission planning with intelligent software. Unlock hidden insights with data visualization tools that transform complex data into actionable intelligence.

Streamline Operations

Minimize downtime with predictive maintenance that anticipates equipment failures. Optimize logistics with AI-powered management systems. Facilitate seamless collaboration with secure, cloud-based data solutions.

Embrace the Future

We are at the forefront of emerging technologies like hypersonics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

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Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

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Ashish Saxena

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Kaushik Doshi

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Raghu Mohan

Senior Director and Global Domain Head - Automotive & Manufacturing

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