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With 25 years of experience in helping our customers build innovative solutions in Banking and Financial Services, Innova is steering the “Extreme design” approach in digital solutions. We design financial solutions and bring to life, real experiences that are innovative, intelligent, disruptive, and unconventional. From South Korea in the east to Mexico in the west, our 200+ customers are growing across 15 countries globally. We don’t just push boundaries but produce creative digital solutions that address customer needs with perfection. We are here to be your trusted digital partner in navigating the realm of financial services.

BFS Innovators



Years of experience

6 of Top 10 Global BFS companies are our customers

As we embrace the digital revolution, we recognize the importance of leveraging innovation and emerging technologies such as Microservices, APIs, Cloud Native, eXperience, Data Science and Security (MACXDS), to create experiences that are both seamless and engaging. MACXDS Digital Technologies have the potential to revolutionize the BFS industry, providing more personalized convenient services, improving efficiency and security, and enabling better decision-making.

Our Innovators with expertise in 60+ MACXDS digital technologies are helping organizations to stay ahead of the curve on digital maturity and redefine the banking and financial services landscape.



Cloud Native


Data Science


Innova believes in combining the best of digital technologies with human expertise to deliver holistic financial services that have the potential to transform the future of BFS in several ways. Our digital solutions have made a significant impact in different segments such as:

Consumer Banking

Corporate Banking

Investment Banking

Payments & Cards

Fin Market Infra

Risks & Compliance

Enterprise Functions

Our Solutions

Innova’s modern technology solutions help banks and financial institutions streamline their digital transformation and enhance customer experiences to stay ahead of the competition. Our digital solutions are rooted in the notion that every challenge has a scalable solution waiting to be unlocked. We boldly innovate, design, and customize solutions, catering to the specific needs of each organization. Unlocking the full potential of our digital solutions can be a game changer in your quest for exponential growth in the industry.

Hyper Personalization

  • Connected Customer Experience
  • Super Apps
  • Market Places
  • Rewards and Loyalty

Digital Payments

  • Payments Platformization –B2B
  • Cross Border Payments-ISO 20022
  • Digital Wallets
  • Digital Currencies

Al Everywhere

  • Lending
  • Fraud
  • Customer Engagement
  • Operations

BFS NEXT Gen Cores

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Markets

BaaS & EmFi

  • Digital Only Banks
  • BNPL
  • API Banking
  • Embedded Payments

Digital Wealth

  • Wealth Mobile
  • Advisor Workstation
  • Digital Assets
  • Wealth Analytics

How We Make a Difference

At Innova, we are passionate about leveraging technology to drive the power of innovation. However, we believe in testing and iterating on latest ideas, features, and functionalities to understand what resonates with the customer. We offer relevant and best digital solutions by leveraging data analytics to gain insights into customer behaviour and enable personalized experiences.

Our values are the guiding principles that shape our digital solutions. With expertise in Digital Technologies, nExt Gen Workforce, Products, Partnerships, and strong Domain Knowledge at the core, we create digital capabilities which are required for BFS clients to transform their businesses. Experience the power of our values in action, and together, let us redefine the limitless possibilities in the digital realm.

“QVADIS” – Where are You Marching?

Quo Vadis a Latin phrase that translates to “Where are you marching?” In the context of Innova’s BFS, “QVADIS” is a thought-provoking metaphor to question the future trends, challenges, and opportunities about the industry’s trajectory such as:

  • Where is BFS heading in terms of Digital Transformation?
  • How will technology reshape customer experiences based on evolving customer demands?
  • How can digital transformation leverage innovation in the BFS industry?
  • What role the BFS will play in driving sustainable economic development?

Dare to take the Leap! Tired of conventional thinking and mediocre outcomes? Step out and explore our innovative strategies that will transform the future of financial services. Discover the untapped possibilities of digital transformation and cutting-edge financial solutions that can propel you toward unprecedented growth. Join the league of forward-thinkers who refuse to settle for average. If you are ready to embrace the challenge, let us begin. Choose the technology that your business has adopted from the below:

Quantum Computing

Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Ledgers



Client Testimonial

The last few months we indeed interacted a lot for the contractor positions in my team.

The whole process was a very positive experience from my side:

  • I appreciate that you initiated a contact and really did an effort to understand what I was looking for. The RFP can only describe the position in a few bullet points.
  • I noticed as well a higher-than-average accuracy/relevancy rate of the CVs sent which even increased over time based on the feedback given on the first CVs sent.
  • I also appreciate that you leave us time to provide feedback after the interviews and allowed me to choose when and how to respond (my working hours are a bit shifted from the normal BE hours and I prefer email over call; I was never ‘stalked’ by calls which I appreciate a lot)

Linked to the ‘multiple hiring managers for similar roles in SWIFT’ aspect, I saw our interactions evolved, but could still further evolve according to me: When CVs are send to different managers (for different positions) in the same company, I would recommend to be fully open about it – we both already gradually got better on this over time. Sharing this information, allowed for joined interviews or feedback sharing amongst the hiring managers.

In short, it was very nice working together to solve my resources needs and I’m looking forward to work with you again in the future.

~Veerle Vermuyten, Swift

Meet Our Leaders

Shantala Sadananda

Shantala Sadananda

President of Banking & Financial Services and Emerging Markets

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