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Case Study

Real-time monitoring of Overall Equipment and Production Effectiveness KPI’s enabling actionable insights and improved outcomes

Client Background

The client is a global leader in the fastening industry and its leading brand has been recognized as the premier product in the thin sheet fastening industry for over 75 years.

Client Need

  • Existing measurements of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Production Effectiveness (OPE) were delayed
  • This delay prevented quick feedback on changes and resulted in increased availability, performance, and quality loss
  • Prior attempts to address the challenges with real-time solutions required capital investment and lacked scalability and redundancy

Our Solution

  • Innova Solutions developed a solution based on AWS IoT core
  • The solution allowed for real-time equipment telemetry data ingestion and normalization, with centralized data storage, as well as role-based reporting and visualization
  • The solution allowed for new global locations to be integrated quickly, without capital investment
  • Ensured the highest levels of security and compliance with comprehensive AWS logging, ClouldWatch alerting, and Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • The solution also enabled the simplified integration of AI/ML services for predictive capabilities and insights

Tools & Technologies

Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, AWS IoT Core, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS SNS, Amazon Managed Grafana, Amazon Athena, Amazon CloudWatch, PLC to cloud edge gateway, OT security Module, Terraform, Ansible, CICD Pipeline

Key Benefits

  • With our solution, the customer was able to provide real-time analytics and actionable insights to plant operations, and leadership
  • It enabled the plant operations to better understand their levels of performance and quickly address availability, performance, or quality degradation
  • It also allowed executive leadership to monitor OEE and OPE KPI’s both discretely and in aggregate across all plants to drive informed decisions and quickly determine the impact of those decisions
  • With the AWS-based solution being incrementally deployable to new plants and incrementally scalable, large up capital investment was avoided while typical overspend due to unused capacity was eliminated
Case Study KeyPoints


“Innova Solutions has been a key partner in our journey to turn our manufacturing machine data into actionable information.  Innova Solutions helped us design a data streaming architecture, that leveraged the best of on-premise IoT Gateway technologies, as well as AWS native cloud capabilities.  This ability to see our machine performance in near real-time across our global facilities, has allowed us to accomplish multiple goals - not only can we understand local performance, but we can now share global best practices to optimize our manufacturing output.  The expertise and flexibility provided by Innova Solutions proved to be a key driver in our ability to deliver this capability.”

Shawn Eads

Chief Information Officer, PennEngineering

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