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Empowering the journey towards digital transformation

Case Study

Sybase to Oracle migration using SOM Accelerator

Reducing manual efforts by 60-75%

Industry 4.0 represents the digitization of modern manufacturing or the fourth industrial revolution, which is led by data, cyber systems, and connectivity. As manufacturing technologies develop rapidly, industry players need to leverage them to stay relevant. With strong domain experience and digital expertise, Innova helps manufacturers harness emerging technologies’ potential and improve supply chain efficiencies, maximize production up-time, deliver a seamless experience across touchpoints, increase real-time visibility, and ensure profitability.

How We Make a Difference

  • Implement data analytics solution to accelerate product development.
  • Reduce costs, improve quality control, and shorten production time with advanced cloud services.
  • Improve productivity through digital design, simulation, and integration services
  • Enhance the quality of products with predictive analytics.
  • Implement shop floor analytics and reporting solutions to make industrial manufacturing more intelligent, responsive, and efficient.

Our Industry Offerings

We at Innova help automotive companies to navigate the recent technology-driven trends, which include electrification, autonomous driving, diverse mobility, and connectivity. We also ensure that they adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with ease, increasing the predictive capabilities in cars and personalizing the driving experience. Furthermore, we help them turn the vehicles into IoT devices that can connect to smartphones and take voice commands thereby contributing to an intuitive user interface.
Innova works with process manufacturers to help them reimagine all aspects of plant operations and evolve from traditional to smart processes of tomorrow. With our capabilities, they can reduce the execution time and the costs involved in major capital projects, enhance plant yields, and minimize environmental impact.
For industrial manufacturers, it is time to take big and bold steps towards a better future. Innova’s team of solvers helps industrial manufacturers to tackle new challenges as they take advantage of the recent digital advancements. We facilitate the use of IoT, blockchain, and advanced analytics and deliver industry-specific services and industrial manufacturing solutions to our clients, enabling them to achieve greater visibility into their traditional supply chains and optimize processes, which leads to reduced cost, improved productivity, and enhanced customer experience.

Our Solutions

Data Sciences Platform

Harness intelligence and innovation with our Intelligent Data Science Platform (iDSp)

How You Benefit

Leverage Manufacturing-as-a-Service and subscription models

Increase production capacity while lowering material consumption rates

Improve preventive maintenance

condition monitoring

Harness the potential of relevant production data to manage factory and supply-side constraints better

Improve relationship intelligence with customers and suppliers

Better determine quality
levers across the organization

The Innova Edge

Agile innovation

Strong focus on quality and accelerated time-to-market

An outcome-driven and customer-centric approach

A skilled team with digital experience expertise

Blogs and Insights

Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

Can you imagine a scenario where health emergencies can be predicted well in advance and life-saving procedures and medications expedited? Or a case where early stage clinical trials lead to more promising paths for drug discovery? Research on the concept of digital twins suggests that it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Find out more in this interesting blog.

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