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Case Study

Implemented CI/CD pipeline to deploy the services to Kubernetes

Client Background

The client is a German globally diversified retail and wholesale/cash and carrier group.

Client Need

  • The client has many customers whose services need to be deployed in Kubernetes in isolation.
  • The client required CI/CD pipeline to deploy their services to Kubernetes immediately after a check-in.
  • The client required notifications if the CI/CD pipeline faced failures.
  • Needed the best approach for the management of sensitive data used by applications.
  • The Kubernetes clusters should be monitored for any changes.
  • Integration testing between the microservices.

Our Solution

  • Created multiple clusters based on the type of customer, and maintained separate clusters for the production environment.
  • Used Jenkins for CI/CD to build, push and deploy Docker images to respective Docker registries and Kubernetes cluster.
  • Used Datadog as a monitoring tool and passed alerts via slack & mails.
  • Used secrets in Kubernetes to handle sensitive data.
  • Used pact-broker for integration testing for microservices.
  • Isolated Kubernetes clusters and secrets were isolated using different namespaces in Kubernetes.

Tools & Technologies

Github, Jenkins, kubernetes, datadog, docker

Key Benefits

  • Single click deployments to Kubernetes cluster.
  • 24 * 7 monitoring for Kubernetes clusters using Datadog.
  • Immediate notifications via emails and Slack alerts of the Jenkins pipelines face failures.
  • With consumer-driven contract testing (Pact Broker), integration testing became easy.
Key Benefits - Deployment Automation - CI/CD Pipeline

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