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Case Study

Accelerating Customer Investment Services Experience with PEGA Automation

Client Background

A private, independent investment and strategic advisory firm based in the UK. They strive to deliver exceptional investment performance, strategic advice, and top-notch services to their clients.

Client Need

Client was in the process of building two new applications on PEGA and needed:
  • To evaluate the performance of both applications with a simulated user load of under 100 initially and the potential for more users in the future, prior to the applications going live.
  • To ensure application stability by conducting regression testing after each deployment.

Our Solution

  • Automated all high-priority scenarios using JMeter, enabling efficient testing of critical functionality.
  • Conducted regular load tests as developers deployed new builds to the staging environment on a weekly basis, evaluating the application’s performance under simulated user loads.
  • Performed regression testing for each deployment to assess the application’s functionality and identify any issues that may have arisen.
  • Once the application stabilized, automated all existing high-priority scenarios and conducted a final load test to validate the application’s performance.

Tools & Technologies

Pega Platform 8.x, Snowflake, Apache JMeter, Spring Framework

Key Benefits

  • 50% improvement in the performance of both applications, achieved through data grid pagination enhancements.
  • Regular load tests helped optimize deployment time and expedite the deployment process.
  • Regression testing with each deployment ensured early detection and resolution of issues, minimizing potential disruptions and improving overall stability.
Case Study KeyPoints

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