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Digital Healthcare

No longer a trend, but a necessity to achieve population health and wellness

Case Study

Transforming care through machine learning

Leveraging ML models to predict readmission rates

Case Study

Using intelligent automation to improve the claims acceptance rate

Increasing CMS acceptance rate (>99% ) through intelligent automation in the encounter submission process.

Case study

A scalable payer solution

Enhancing customer experience and boosting conversion rates through engaging payer enrollment platforms

Technology plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. From providing quality services to patients at a reduced cost to maintaining patient history through electronic medical records, healthcare services are becoming more accessible and predictable, experiencing steady change over the years.

At the same time, it is vital to choose an IT partner with experience in healthcare domain and technology to add value to the services offfered. Innova’s HealthcareNexT is a program that combines the spirit of innovation, extensive industry expertise, and intelligent technology solutions to create a better and more empowered healthcare value chain globally. With our healthcare solutions, your business can achieve greater levels of automation and efficiency, convert data into actionable insights, cloud transformation, and innovate new products and services. We closely work with providers, payers, and life sciences to navigate the technology landscape, develop a plan, and deliver the optimal healthcare IT solutions for businesses across the globe.

Our Industry Offerings

Innova helps healthcare payers streamline core administrative services, drive operational efficiencies to reduce costs, and improve member experience through digitally-enabled healthcare payer solutions. We help your business to harness the power of digital solutions to improve healthcare outcomes and progress from individual patient care to population health. Our work with payers is focused on creating robust evidence-based decision-support solutions towards:

  • Cost Reduction and Containment – Innova is at the forefront of designing and implementing cost reduction and containment solutions. We help healthcare payers reduce overutilization and quickly identify areas where healthcare spending can be minimized. All of this while staying compliant and enhancing transparency.
  • Quality Improvement – We help global payer organizations across the board drive member enrolments and improve customer experience through a range of offerings.
  • Operations Efficiency – We combine the power of state-of-the-art technology architecture, agile workforce, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics to drive exceptional business results.

The healthcare industry adapted to the economic, operational, and personal impact of the pandemic with determination, ingenuity, and logistical excellence.

Many of the strategies and initiatives implemented during the pandemic are now being incorporated into enterprise DNA. Rapid development and deployment of new capabilities. Efficient re-alignment and extension of the business. Adoption of new tools and technologies. Enablement of virtual care teams and processes to serve patients differently. These and other innovations born of necessity are now becoming mainstream.

Healthcare providers achieved in record time what once had been much longer-term objectives. And now they’re assessing those achievements. “Did we move too fast? Did we miss something? Now that we’re here, what’s next?

Digital transformation is a common thread through these accomplishments. Optimizing Electronic Health Record platforms to improve the care team experience. Improving insights from clinical, financial, and operational data. Delivering mobile applications to enhance the patient experience. Supporting the improvement of clinical outcomes through evidence-based medicine. Enhancing organizational security posture to protect patient confidential data.
This is where we come in.

Common Business Challenges

  • Quality amid changing reimbursement models
  • Care team burnout from resource constraints
  • Rapidly changing technology landscape
  • Digital transformation/optimization demands
  • Changing regulatory requirements
  • Industry consolidation
  • Increase in security breaches
  • Health equity
  • Monolithic value chain partners
  • Cost optimization & efficiency initiatives

At Innova, we ask ourselves, how can we build, evolve, and leverage our capabilities to help solve today’s healthcare problems? We believe future technology – specifically the advancements in cloud, AI/ML, digital, Intelligent Automation, and collaboration tools – will play a pivotal role in the transformation of HealthTech products and services in the years ahead.

Innova’s HealthcareNexT program combines innovation, industry expertise, and latest technologies to design efficient, effective, and empowered healthcare value-chains.

Our Value Proposition

  • We serve a diverse mix of clients in healthcare across the globe
  • IT solutions and services are 100% of our business
  • We work unbiased across all leading platforms and technologies
  • Our consultants are both skilled and experts in the current and future technologies
  • Cost-effective, scalable, sustainable, and quality solutions
  • Reduced workload for your management and technical team
  • Transparency in the communication of progress and results
  • Continuity of service and skills across the full software development lifecycle

Our Solutions

SaaS Operations

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Data Science in Healthcare

White Paper

How Data Science Helps Providers in Improving Healthcare Outcomes

Importance of telehealth

White Paper

Importance of Telehealth

Blogs and Insights

Digital Twins in Healthcare: Towards the Mirrored Reality

Can you imagine a scenario where health emergencies can be predicted well in advance and life-saving procedures and medications expedited? Or a case where early stage clinical trials lead to more promising paths for drug discovery? Research on the concept of digital twins suggests that it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Find out more in this interesting blog.

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