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Case Study

AI-enabled Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Client Background

Our client is a healthcare consulting firm that provides solutions to public and private sector healthcare and life science organizations. Their areas of expertise include Behavioral health, Population health management and Value-based care solutions. They wanted us to build a state-of-the-art chatbot platform as a SaaS application with Gen AI capabilities

Client Need

  • Client is looking to build a comprehensive AI-enabled Enterprise Chatbot Platform
  • Build prototypes covering different conversation flows, Documents, PDFs, and Video files for each of the targeted business segments – Payers, Providers, Pharma, and, Government agencies
  • The platform should leverage Generative AI and NLP techniques to give a conversational feel to the end users
  • Provide Azure and GCP cloud options to their potential customers in different business segments

Our Solution

  • Implemented the flows on GCP and Azure, using respective platforms’ development suite for creating conversational interfaces, and developed Flask application as the middleware for the chatbots.
  • The chatbot functionalities included:
    • Multi-lingual support for conversations
    • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionalities
    • Generative responses from LLM (OpenAI) grounded to the documents provided by the client.
    • Rendering rich responses like YouTube videos, cards, and quick replies/suggestions

Tools & Technologies

Python, Azure, Google Cloud, Open AI, Dialogflow

Key Benefits

  • The platform built is 80-90% reusable and most of its features can be extended to potential customers with a few hours of development effort
  • The ensemble approach of using the NLU engine, Gen AI will give flexibility to address different types of chat-based scenarios
  • Bot built helps as first contact with the customer, guides with information and other features from the client website. Our solution helps minimize the effort required to go through the documentation and provide a summarized solution with the relevant document references
Case Study KeyPoints

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