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Our Deep Networks and Specialist Knowledge of the UK Technology and Talent Market Help Our Clients to Innovate and Transform Business Results.

At Innova we have been in the UK IT market for over 40 years and our deep networks and specialist knowledge allow us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding trends and movements in the market.

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Innova has several third-party affiliations and professional accreditations aimed at furthering the company’s contribution to the recruitment industry, and commitment as a socially responsible organisation and employer.

Meet Our Leaders

Adam Wooldridge

Adam Wooldridge

Regional Director – UK

Geoff King

Geoff King

Manager - Information Technology

Bruce Simpson

Bruce Simpson

Senior Manager - Information Technology

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Pride The Power of Inclusivity

Our latest podcast includes a powerful conversation with OUT Georgia on the organization’s incredible work and upcoming highly-anticipated event, “The Power of Connection Business Summit." Join hosts, Cynthia Myers, Lead at Innova's Office of DE&I, and Andi Monroe, an Operations & Business Manager from the OUT Georgia Business Allegiance, to discover how connections can ignite change and empower the LGBTQ+ community!

Innova Solutions Blog

QVADIS Digital Technologies: Transforming the Banking and Financial Services Industry

The banking and financial services (BFS) industry is at the forefront of the latest technological innovation. In a rapidly evolvin...

Innova Solutions Blog

Hi-Tech Vertical: Supporting Digital Transformation in Semiconductor Companies

People's lives have become increasingly reliant on semiconductors as digital transformation accelerates. As semiconductor companie...

Case Study
Innova Solutions Whitepaper

The Product Development Center of an automotive company engages top talent

Thanks to these endeavors, alongside other employee engagement initiatives, Innova has witnessed remarkable growth, expanding fro...

Innova Solutions Whitepaper

Designing a Knowledge Management Solution to Capture Engineering Analysis Processes

Enabled a global heavy equipment manufacturer to have real time visibility into the whole manufacturing project...

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