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Hi-Tech Vertical: Supporting Digital Transformation in Semiconductor Companies

July 26, 2023

by Innova Solutions

People’s lives have become increasingly reliant on semiconductors as digital transformation accelerates. As semiconductor companies strive for prosperity, they must keep innovating and surmount unprecedented challenges associated with semiconductor design. It is common for sales and marketing teams at semiconductor companies to push for a transformation agenda to reach new technology-driven markets and gain a competitive edge.

By using Innova Solutions, semiconductor companies can transform their operating models, improve their digital footprint and skills, make their products, services, and markets more relevant, and collaborate more effectively across teams. We enable semiconductor companies to succeed with advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence and edge computing. In addition, we develop related technologies internally to provide the capabilities our clients require for transformation. As part of the semiconductor industry, product development is an essential capability. As sales and marketing often lead the way, we work to make product development more responsive to market changes: delivering the right products at the right time to meet customer needs. Growth is the top priority for the industry, but customer experience must take precedence. We understand that customer experience is vital for acquiring new customers in new markets, which gives us an advantage.


The Internet of Things is a network of wireless devices connected by sensors, integrated circuits, and software. IoT applications require sensors and integrated circuits, so semiconductors are essential for all IoT devices. As IoT devices become more popular, the demand for sensors, connectivity, memory, security, data transmission, and bundled system on chips (SOC) has increased. Innova Solutions can help semiconductor manufacturers build energy efficient IoT devices and low power/low latency networks to capture data and build predictive models based on the data.


Semiconductors have powered microchips for over five decades, but next-generation wireless networks are set to be faster than ever. High-performance and reliable semiconductor chips will be in high demand to meet the needs of 5G and IoT devices. Integrated chips will be in high demand due to their ability to store, process, and analyze data. We can assist semiconductor companies in meeting these new demands with our team of experts. Modern technologies, such as cloud data centers, edge computing, IoT, smart cities, and fully autonomous vehicles, rely on advanced semiconductors and related technologies. Several technologies are involved, including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), sensors, and LEDs. We can help semiconductor companies develop the 5G network infrastructure or vehicle-to-vehicle communication methods they need to succeed.


Many factors contribute to semiconductor manufacturing’s complexity, including tightly constrained production processes, reentrant process flows, advanced equipment, variable demand, high automation, and enormous data sets. Although semiconductor manufacturing faces many challenges, it remains a crucial industry in many industrialized nations and has a substantial economic impact on both direct and indirect levels. To address this, Innova Solutions provides companies with innovative automation solutions, which include integrating artificial intelligence into traditional automation methods. Moreover, Innova Solutions provides procurement teams with actionable insights by tracking supply and demand and analyzing production data with artificial intelligence algorithms. By integrating the procurement function with other systems to determine spending analytics, manufacturers’ planning cycles can be improved, supply chains are strengthened, and hidden savings and efficiency potentials can be realized.

Data Analytics

Innova Solutions’ advanced data analytics enables companies to combine sensor and tool data with process-level information to create a comprehensive data set. Over time, they can better detect failures by analyzing past designs and predicting the future. By analyzing past designs, they can identify potential causes of chip and equipment failures, allowing them to plan well in advance.

Innova Solutions’ Services

Innova has extensive experience providing IT solutions and streamlining the management of product life cycles for semiconductor companies—from conceptualizing and connecting devices to developing embedded software and hardware for various industries. The company’s expertise in this area includes connectivity protocols, such as BLE, Zigbee®, Z-Wave, NBIoT, LoRa, Thread, NFC, MQTT, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G/5G, and Wireless Mesh Technology. From silicon to firmware to host software, drivers, accelerators, board design, and system testing, Innova’s customized tools and products can accelerate time to market, saving clients significant time and money.

About Innova

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Innova Solutions employs approximately 50,000 professionals worldwide and reports an annual revenue approaching $3 billion. The company’s robust offerings span across an array of industries and include Digital Product Engineering; Customer Experience; Cloud Services; Data & Insights; Intelligent Automation (AI); Cyber Security; Managed Service Provider (MSP) Services; Talent Solutions; Direct Sourcing; and Business Process Outsourcing. Through global delivery centers across North America, Asia, and Europe, Innova delivers strategic technology and business transformation solutions to clients, enabling them to be leaders within their fields.


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