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Pegasystems Consulting Partner

Innova is a certified Pega Consulting Partner where our consultants leverage Intelligent Automation to enable advanced decision making & drive enhanced customer experiences

Innova Solutions is a Pegasystems Consulting Partner. We are certified to provide clients with consulting, design, and innovative solutions that increase customers abilities to accomplish long-term growth, exceptional customer services and business transformation requirements.

Our Services and Solutions

Intelligent automation

Reduce turnaround time and overall process efficiency by enabling the automation of tedious, time-consuming manual tasks and streamlining of repetitive manual work.

Customer Engagement

Create a relationship with your customers to foster brand loyalty and awareness as we aim to meet their needs in real time through marketing campaigns, web content, social media outreach, mobile and wearable devices. Also, use context to your advantage and engage at a deeper level, gain an edge with AI, and deliver seamless experiences.

Customer Service

Digitalize your workflows and use Artificial Intelligence and automation to streamline end-to-end service cycles without impacting existing data. Also, enable agents with AI tools for faster service, while we create advanced chatbots to deliver a seamless experience.


Improve your business agility and reduce operational costs by using solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of diverse customers, product lines, channels, and geographies. In addition, model, analyze & optimize end-to-end business processes as per the strategic needs of your business.

Decisioning Services

Predict what is next best for your consumer, in a one-to-one interaction with predictive and adaptive analytics. Eventually, grow your business and retain your customers by empowering agents with real-time recommendations in creating personalized offers based on usage/purchase/interest history and beyond.

Cloud Migration

Ensure shorter time for app migration and roll out innovative software to maximize customer lifetime value, streamline services, boost efficiency, and ensure compliance with the most rigorous security standards. Also, provide you with the flexibility to build the model that works for you, based on cloud-native architecture thereby preserving your ability to control, configure, and connect when you need

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Establish a robust change management program and automated DevOps model with artificial intelligence. Additionally, implement AI-based tools to support continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, a low-code, model-driven experience to configure and run continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows or deployment pipelines for your application.

Expert Services

Our team is equipped with the deep technical expertise to formulate a sound strategy for bringing about innovation along with digital transformation that helps business applications to evolve for enhanced customer engagement and operational effectiveness.

Competency and Expertise

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Projects Delivered

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Recent Successes

Processing Claims

The largest customer owned health insurance company in the United States wanted to integrate disparate sources spread across different geographies each relying on separate mid office systems for processing claims. Built and deployed an enterprise-wide business process automation framework on Pega BPM.

Merchant & Acquirer Dispute Management

Implemented Pega for a Fortune 50 Financial Services Company’s Merchant & Acquirer Dispute Management system which provided a single platform to handle disputes related to transactions from various interchanges/platforms (VISA, MasterCard, Amex) & banks.

General Enquiry System

Built an Automation Engine on the Pega platform to achieve process flow-based App Integration for a Fortune 50 Financial Services Company’s General Enquiry System replacing the mainframes.

Document Central Record Service

Modernized Document Central Record Service for a Fortune 50 Financial Services Company using Pega File and Content Storage, enabling enhanced control over case and PEGA collaboration tool’s attachment storage.

Mortgage process

Digitally transformed the Mortgage process for a leading US Bank by implementing Pega BPM, not only mitigating operational risk & inefficiency of manual processing but also achieving an automated, paperless & scalable system that enabled many loan service features for the end user using internet banking.

Lead to Cash journey

Streamlined the Lead to Cash journey for a leading Telco using PEGA BPM. Product-agnostic ordering workflow with minimal tailoring to accept product specific configurations with integrations that support document storage, real time checks and updates on inventory, and real time order tracking at CRM and fulfillment systems.

PEGA decisioning Hub

Implemented a PEGA decisioning Hub for a Telecom major to enhance their campaign management. (For assisted journeys) Agents were advised of the next best options (personalized offers) for the customers based on their past orders and browsing history, which eventually helped in revenue growth and retention.


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