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Unraveling NIS2 Compliance: Empowering Europe's Industry Leaders

Ensuring regulatory excellence and resilience in critical
operations and infrastructure.

What is the NIS2 Directive?

The NIS2 Directive is a pivotal initiative by the European Union aimed at fortifying the security of networks & information systems across Europe. It entered into force on 16th January 2023 and in accordance with national law must be implemented by 17th October 2024.

This directive builds on the NIS framework to impose cyber risk management, incident reporting and information-sharing obligations on certain types of organizations in a range of sectors.

What does the NIS2 demand?

NIS2 mandates that organizations falling under its scope must establish robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard the security and resilience of their systems and networks. These measures encompass various aspects, such as risk and vulnerability management, supply chain security, incident response, and secure authentication, among others. Additionally, the directive outlines the procedures and timelines for reporting cyber incidents.

Who is impacted by the NIS2?

NIS2 applies to a wide range of “essential entities” and “important entities” summarized in the following graphics.

NIS2 Non-compliance can result in significant financial penalties, including fines of up to €10M or 2% of global annual turnover, along with reputational damage for organizations.

How Our Solutions Can Help

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Big Data Consulting

Compliance Gap & Risk Assessment

A comprehensive, quantitative plan to identify gaps and risks

Big Data Consulting

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Provide a quantifiable value to risk-sensitive and critical data in the event of a breach

Big Data Consulting

Cyber Security Policies & Procedures Compliance

Maintain policies with data protection requirements beginning with confidential customer information

Big Data Consulting

Privacy Policy Review & Compliance

Being compliant with data protection laws allows for managing better-quality data

Key Benefits

Big Data Consulting

Increased visibility into risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Big Data Consulting

Transparency, efficiency, and accountability

Big Data Consulting

Improved productivity in a secured environment

Big Data Consulting

Enhanced data collection

IOT & OT Security Services

Big Data Consulting

IoT/OT Governance & Security

Secure and protect loT and OT environments

Big Data Consulting

ICS, SCADA & DCS Environment Security

Implement cybersecurity controls within OT environments to understand vulnerabilities and risks

Big Data Consulting

Threat Intelligence, Analysis, Prevention & Reporting

Assess security posture, discover gaps in the network segmentation, and monitor the network round the clock

Key Benefits

Big Data Consulting

Efficient resource

Big Data Consulting

Reduced cost
and time

Big Data Consulting


Big Data Consulting

Enhanced data

Why do EU Industry Leaders Choose Innova Solutions?

Our team of experts leverages accelerators from Governance Risk and Compliance, IoT & OT Security services, along with our extensive knowledge and years of expertise to assist organizations in achieving various regulatory and compliance standards. Notably, we take pride in being among the first organizations in Taiwan and India (Chennai) to achieve certification on the new ISO 27001: 2022 standard, which was released on the 25th of October 2022.

Proven NIS2 methodology defined by our security policy SMEs for both assessment & compliance

Extensive experience with EU legislation including NIS1 & GDPR

25+ years of delivering
technology services

EU holdings in 7 major EU countries

100+ regulatory and compliance experts

50+ offices and delivery
centers globally

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