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Cyber Security

Counteract and address evolving threats effectively with Innova’s managed cyber threat intelligence

From elevated cyber threats to outdated security solutions, organizations today need more than just a technology partner to neutralize their threats round the clock. Our security experts offer transparent and specialized services, identifying and blocking advanced threats and providing perceptions and metrics into security trends.

Fifth Generation Cyber DNA

A platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real-time

Pay as you use shared services SaaS model ROI improvements: 60%-75% saving on CapEx and OpEx
100% comprehensive threat management
80-90% adaptive controls and continuous improvements
3X coverage
40-60% less costs
Broad level security compliance

Our Service Offerings

Threat Detection and Response

Defend critical assets from vulnerabilities, detect advanced threats, quickly respond and recover from disruptions.

Our broader portfolio includes:

Endpoint Management and Security

Ransomeware, Malware, Phishing protection

IDM, SSO, IAM, Policy Management

DevSecOps (CI/CD, IaC)

As apps get more complex in both scale and speed, detecting vulnerabilities can get more challenging as security is often overlooked to meet business demands quickly. Innova’s security services empowers organizations to build security into their software development lifecycle early on to pace with the operations. This strengthens regulatory compliance and reduces the time and cost of fixing vulnerabilities with a risk management strategy.

Our broader portfolio includes:

Application Security

Saas and Cloud Security Service

Data Security Service

IoT and IT Security

With the increased use of sensors, edge computing devices, and controllers which bypass firewalls to directly communicate with the cloud, IoT/OT security is imperative. Innova helps organizations secure their IoT and OT environments by providing greater visibility into the components.

Our IoT/OT security services are designed for:

IOT & OT Governance & Security

ICS, SCADA & DCS environment security

Threat Intelligence, Analysis & Prevention

Log aggregation & reporting

Compliance Assessments

Innova’s expert advice on how to navigate the rapidly changing compliance landscape ensures that your business meets the regulatory requirements. Our approach begins by categorizing sensitive information and establishing a proven methodology to protect each category from vulnerabilities.

Our expert-driven compliance enablement services include:


Type I / II Compliance

Registration & Consent Mgmt

CCPA and GDPR Data Privacy / Data Protection assessment and compliance

DSR & DRM Assessment

Continuous Compliance Assurance

DR, Business Continuity and Resource Availability

Managed Security Services

Innova’s Managed Security Services leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence through a purpose-oriented platform providing best-of-breed abilities to deliver an array of security services that organizations today demand. We help them anticipate problems beforehand and embrace a proactive approach toward vulnerabilities.

Our Approach

Innova’s Unified Threat Intelligence Management System (UTIM) anticipates online threats in advance and enables a proactive security monitoring and investigation through advanced AI/ML algorithms.

The Innova Edge

Enhanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Improve visibility into endpoints and expect the earliest warning if there are chances of a compromise

Increased ROI

Realize significant value from the security tools combined with expert insights

Higher Productivity

Minimize the time spent on detecting events and remediating them

Automated Intelligence

Benefit from scalable security operations powered by advanced AI/ML algorithms and pre-built use cases

Meet Our Leaders

Ramana Mylavarapu

Ramana Mylavarapu

Global Head, Information Security & Solution Architecture

Blogs and Insights

One Simple Trick, Really!

In our pandemic changed world, the annual IT conventions, summits, and meetups have movedonline. This year’s DEF CON was no different. Usually held in Las Vegas and noted for its “Spot theFed” contest, DEF CON is the largest, annual gathering of white and black hat hackers along with those interested in the knowledge they can share.

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