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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Increasing Governance & compliance to counteract the most significant risks to your organization’s reputation.

As business risks advance daily, the need for a harmonious GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) corporate culture is essential to deal with today’s most pressing business threats. An effective GRC creates processes and systems that allow risk-aware decisions at all levels. It provides all stakeholders equal access to real-time, high-quality data, enhancing knowledge sharing and collaborative action.

At Innova, we offer expert advice on how to navigate the rapidly changing compliance landscape, manage security risks and ensure that your business objectives are aligned to industry regulations. Beginning with categorizing sensitive information to establishing a proven methodology to protect each category of data from vulnerabilities, we maintain IT (Information Technology) compliance with a wide range of security policies and operational best practices.

Our Service Offerings

The purpose of compliance standards is to adhere to industrial and governmental laws to secure an organization’s reputation and enhance business value. Our expert-driven industry compliance enablement services include:


SOC (Security Operation Center) – Type II Compliance

All Cybersecurity policies are the backbone of an organization inclined to the goals and objectives of a business. Implementing such effective policies is considered a best practice in developing a comprehensive cybersecurity program that includes:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity Management

Access Management & Controls

Encryption Best Practices

Breach Management & Alerting

Establish, Maintain & Monitor SLA (Service Level Agreements)

Maintain Processing Integrity

Data Confidentiality

The increasing trend of improper configuration, security engineering, and outdated security software are a few of the many reasons that is exacerbating privacy risks, which triggers the implementation of privacy protection requirements in an organization to influence consumer trust and enhance reputation.

Regulation on Data Protection and Privacy Compliance: CCPA and GDPR

Identity Management & Compliance

Access Controls Assessment & Compliance

Digital Consent Management (Controls & Process)

Establishing a continuous compliance culture enables an organization to face security challenges head-on while remaining agile, resilient, and ahead of the curve.

Auto Discovery

Continuous Automation

Identity Metrics & Monitoring

Process for validation & remediation

Single Pane View & reporting

This constructive plan captures the readiness of an organization in case of a disaster and details steps that must be taken before, during, and after an event to prevent and mitigate risks associated with a disruption in operations and financial impacts. Innova’s security experts work to identify an organization’s needs and sketch a plan to address business continuity requirements.

Assessing & Review Regulatory Landscape

Risk Assessment

Perform Business Impact Analysis

Creation of BCP & DR (Disaster Recovery) Strategy & Plan

Disaster Incident Management & Response Process

Periodic Plan Testing, Training & Maintenance



Business Risk Transparency

When GRC is implemented in an organization, it helps in improved decision-making that reduce disruptions to business and increase productivity and readiness for crisis events

Process Optimization

Aids in streamlining business activities, reduce wasted time & expense, and avoid undesirable results

Reduced Cost

Controlled costs through our effective continuous compliance program as a managed service model to eliminate redundant processes, tools, and resources

Reputation security

To protect corporate reputation and brand impact.

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