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Data and Analytics: A Guide to Unlocking Your Business Potential

October 31, 2023

by Raj Sadhu - SVP, Hi-Tech SBU

Data Modernization

Data has emerged as a critical driver of competitive advantage in today’s economy. As a result, businesses must embrace a modernization strategy that prioritizes data at its core to stay ahead in the market. By recognizing data as a primary asset, companies can tap into their organization’s full potential by streamlining operations, optimizing IT services, delivering capabilities as a service, and improving performance and agility across all fronts.

A leading fastening company recognized the importance of upgrading its data storage and management processes and sought the expertise of Innova Solutions for support. Innova Solutions utilized AWS technologies to help the company accomplish its objective. They developed a cloud-based storage and management framework, implemented a centralized access management system, set up a centralized log archive and monitoring system, and introduced advanced data tools to replace outdated business intelligence applications.

The company has successfully established a robust data and analytics foundation on the cloud thanks to Innova’s efforts, which significantly improved the company’s data governance and management, ultimately enhancing the overall business experience. Innova’s approach has also streamlined the onboarding process for new users, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

To view the full case study, visit Enterprise Data Enablement and Cloud Infrastructure Setup – Innova Solutions

Data Engineering

Effective data engineering is paramount for optimizing the product offerings of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which involves proficient management, storage, processing, and data analysis. Noteworthy aspects of data engineering for OEMs include data collection, storage, processing, integration, modeling, quality assurance, real-time processing, governance, optimization, and maintenance. By prioritizing these facets of data engineering, OEMs can improve their products, provide superior user experiences, and acquire valuable insights for product enhancements and innovation.


For example, Innova Solutions expertly assisted an AI technology firm in integrating data from multiple sources and creating efficient machine learning models, showcasing their prowess in data engineering. This project involved handling numerous datasets from free and paid providers, which Innova addressed by implementing a cutting-edge frontend application using Redux React, middle-tier services on Python Django, and an ANSI SQL code generator operating on Snowflake. Innova also designed search and recommendation systems using Neo4j. By leveraging Snowflake’s abilities to perform complex joins quickly and automatically create multiple clusters based on concurrent queries, data scientists can save valuable time hunting for relevant features and fine-tuning their models to achieve greater accuracy.

To view the full case study, visit Data Engineering and Pipeline Management Automation (

Data Visualization

Through the implementation of data visualization, OEMs can effectively monitor the performance of their products, streamline quality control, simplify supply chain processes, analyze customer feedback, maintain a competitive edge, present predictive models, customize dashboards, and track real-time alerts. Integrating data visualization into their solutions enhances the customer experience and empowers informed decision-making.

Utilizing big data and visual analytics can significantly enhance clinical decision-making in industries such as the healthcare industry. Innova Solutions designed a scalable search engine for a client that provided real-time and visual analytics, aligning cohort histories with landmark events. A graphical user interface (GUI) was implemented to facilitate this process, allowing for patient comparison and exploration of “what-if” scenarios.

The advantages of this system are manifold. The client was able to promptly make informed clinical decisions with real-world evidence concerning many “patients like mine.” Big-data techniques made it simple for providers to retrieve all comparable patients from the electronic medical record (EMR) repository, enhancing the user experience and care.

To view the full case study, visit Big-data Approach to Visual Analytics – Innova Solutions

Data Science

Using data science is of utmost importance for OEMs, as it enables them to gain valuable insights, enhance their products, and streamline their processes. Through the analysis of operational data, OEMs can achieve increased efficiency and reduced costs, making data-driven decision-making an indispensable tool for strategic planning and resource allocation.

An online fashion retailer’s marketing expenses reporting process was streamlined by Innova Solutions using data science to automate data extraction and report generation across multiple publishers. As a result of developing over a hundred highly efficient robots that integrated seamlessly with downstream applications, Innova Solutions reduced manual effort by 90%, eliminating the risk of human error, freeing up valuable time and resources, and streamlining operations for the retailer. Ultimately, this resulted in a significant annual cost saving of $240k.

To view the full case study, visit Data extraction for digital marketing efforts – Innova Solutions

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For over 25 years, Innova has accelerated client success through digital innovation. To learn more about leveraging Innova’s digital solutions for your business, please email [email protected].

Key Contributor: Varun Yeturi – Technical Writer


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