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Case Study

Intelligent Automation Solution

Client Background

Business and employment-focused social media platform that works through the website and mobile app across 170 countries and more than 600M customers.

Client Need

  • The Client faced a pressing challenge in efficiently monitoring the Jira Application round the clock. They struggled to keep up with the constant influx of user-created tickets and meet the SLA requirements.
  • Additionally, managing Severity 1 and Priority Tickets proved to be a cumbersome task. The triage process was time-consuming, with an average acknowledgment time exceeding 30 minutes.

Our Solution

To address the client’s pain points, we devised a comprehensive solution:

  • Intelligent Bot Monitoring: We introduced an intelligent bot capable of 24/7 monitoring of the Jira Application. Whenever a new ticket was created by users, the bot swiftly took charge of the triage process. This involved assigning tickets to the relevant teams, updating all necessary fields, and promptly providing acknowledgments to the users.
  • Twilio Calling Integration: We integrated Twilio’s calling feature using Python modules. Beyond traditional triage functions, the bot also monitored Severity 1 and Priority tickets within the application. When such tickets surfaced, the bot initiated phone calls to notify the respective support team members, delivering crucial ticket details. The bot handles these tasks in under a minute, while a human would typically require around 10 minutes. This automation significantly expedited the triage process.

Tools & Technologies

Automation Anywhere, Tesseract OCR | Python, Twilio

Key Benefits

The implementation of the intelligent automation solution yielded significant outcomes for the Client:

  • The Bot successfully triaged an impressive 28,000+ Jira tickets.
  • It efficiently managed a portfolio of over 150 component support teams, ensuring tickets were assigned based on IST&PST timelines.
  • Ticket assignment to the appropriate support teams now takes less than a minute, and users receive acknowledgments promptly.
  • Notably, no tickets, including Severity 1 cases, have been missed in the Jira triaging process since the implementation of the solution. This accomplishment underscores the reliability and efficiency of our automation approach.
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