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Case Study

Automation Anywhere Cognitive Bot Deployment

Client Background

Business and employment-focused social media platform that works through the website and mobile app across 170 countries and more than 600M customers.

Client Need

The Client was facing several challenges with their Remittance Advice process. They struggled to efficiently extract crucial information from Salesforce tickets. Their primary needs were:

  • Extracting the required invoice number and invoice amount from SFDC tickets and their attachments.
  • With the need to process more than 5,000 cases per month, the manual processing time per case was around 8 minutes.
  • Due to these issues, the Client was unable to meet SLA and experienced quality issues in their finance processes.

Our Solution

To address the client’s challenges, the following solution was implemented:

  • Automation Anywhere Cognitive Bot was deployed to automate the extraction of the invoice numbers and invoice amounts from SFDC tickets, including attachments.
  • A machine-learning process was incorporated, utilizing a supervised Deep Learning Algorithm to enhance the extraction of relevant information.
  • The solution invoked Salesforce through API to fetch case details and update the process on SFDC.
  • Data Processing Workflow
  • Oracle Integration
Validation: A check was performed to verify if the Original Value from SFDC matched the Original Amount from Oracle. If they matched, the SFDC status was updated to “Solved”. Otherwise, exceptions were handled.

Tools & Technologies

Automation Anywhere, TensorFlow, Django, MySQL, Tesseract OCR | Python, Computer Vision Deep Learning

Key Benefits

The implementation of the intelligent automation solution yielded significant outcomes for the Client:

  • Volume Handling: The system successfully processed an average of 5162 cases per month, meeting the client’s high-volume demands.
  • Bot Processing Time: The automation reduced the processing time per case to just 2 minutes, a substantial improvement from the previous manual processing time of 8 minutes.
  • Annual Time Savings: The solution saved the Client an impressive 4064 hours annually, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings in their finance processes.
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