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Case Study

Secure and reliable access to IoT devices data in healthcare

Client Background

A global healthcare company that provides medical products and services to patients around the world, operates a network of clinics and hospitals that offer a wide range of medical treatments and therapies.

Client Need

  • Ensure correct functioning of IoT field devices.
  • Insights into erroneous signals causing alarms to sound even in the absence of treatment.
  • The need to provide access to IoT devices data on Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Ensure confidentiality and HIPAA compliance of patient health information.

Our Solution

  • Innova Solutions suggested adding Snowflake to the client’s data technology stack to extend the existing Amazon S3 data architecture.
  • Innova had prior experience in proposing and implementing the data architecture for the S3 data lake, making them well-equipped to implement the Snowflake Data Cloud’s capabilities.
  • AWS Glue was utilized to integrate with Snowflake and move data between platforms.
  • Internal views and external views were created using Snowflake.
  • Field access to the full data set, including PHI, was provided through internal views.
  • External views were made available to the research team by deidentifying PHI data through expert determination and leveraging Snowflake’s data sharing functionality.
  • Data sharing was done directly with the research team, avoiding the need for multiple data pipelines.

Tools & Technologies

amazon s3, snowflake

Key Benefits

  • Increased research team’s operational efficiency by 70% by identifying error rates in clinical data and IoT metrics.
  • By updating the machines without affecting the core patient use case, customer satisfaction increased by 55% and productivity improved by 40% .
  • Over 25% cost savings by our future proof multi-cloud solution enabling data sharing across multiple clouds.
  • Sensitive data could be masked without being tangibly moved to other downstream data systems, reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • Enhanced Innovation & reduced time to market by 50% by integrating heterogenous, structured & unstructured data for research team.
Case Study KeyPoints

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