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How Technology has helped the Telco industry

September 21, 2022

by Innova Solutions

The telecoms industry has undergone significant change in recent times. A drop in demand for voice and text messaging has created the need for many to pursue digital transformation, adopting cloud-hosted solutions and investing in sophisticated tech. These are just some of the ways in which digital technology is creating a brighter future for the telco industry today.

The Internet of Things*

IoT has totally transformed the opportunities that exist for companies in the telco industry and provided a wealth of potential efficiencies, for example for monitoring base stations and data centers remotely. By 2024 it is estimated that there will be more than 4 billion IoT devices connected to cellular networks across the world, creating a whole raft of new opportunities for telecom operators. Every known industry is moving towards IOT with their businesses, from agriculture, to healthcare, auto, telecom, home services and other. This is made more feasible with 5g becoming more accessible. Very complicated use cases are now underway. Telcos need to be at the center of this transformation to enable it.

Cloud Computing**

Like any business, telecoms companies can benefit from a move to the cloud when it comes to pressure on internal resources and also with respect to costs. Pay-per-use service models are especially vital for the introduction of new services and greater efficiencies. Major cloud transformations have been underway, and cloud 2.0 transformations a re starting. This means making existing cloud infrastructure more efficient. Enhancing operational efficiencies is also part of the next Cloud initiative. Edge computing from Telco’s is at full speed to enable all this 5G and IOT.

RPA Technology

Automation can take repetitive, mundane tasks from the hands of employees and automate them on the basis of a number of rules. This could be anything, from initial responses to customer queries to ensuring that data integrity and security is being properly maintained. Employees are then free to work on more business-critical tasks instead.

5G Technology***

The 5G mobile network is a huge upgrade in connection terms, allowing for interconnectedness not just between people but also machines, objects and devices. It is faster and more reliable than anything that has come before and hits new heights with respect to speed and performance. 5G is now transforming all things to enable IOT to expand. It is also enabling a lot more automation, RPA, and overall telecom transformation among other things. Monetizing 5G along with the push for AI/ML is becoming the prime priority. The SMB market is primed and ready for this transformation.

Location Tracking Capabilities

Used in tandem with IoT and location-based sensors, location tracking capabilities mean that telecoms operations can create better visibility across their supply chains and workforces. This can be used in a number of different ways, including to locate worker positions and to track and monitor goods.

Integrated Network Management Technology

Investing in this technology provides an opportunity to improve performance and drive for an error-free network. It can make it simpler to streamline and monitor expenses relating to an existing communications network and is becoming increasingly necessary in a tech-driven competitive world.

Big Data

Although not strictly speaking a ‘technology,’ big data is a tech-driven resource that can make a huge difference to companies operating in the telco industry. With the right sensors and analytics in place, big data becomes a serious asset, enabling the efficient processing of large data sets in order to generate key business insights and better understand customers. Big Data is now being understood enough to be used in proactive engagement. Data driven insights are now being enabled. Customer habits are now being understood within Telcos.

Cyber Security****

With their large customer bases, companies in the telco industry are especially vulnerable to cyber attack, which can often be crippling. Cyber security technology provides the tools to detect threats more quickly, put effective counter measures in place and create more resilience for a situation where an attack is launched.

ProActive, and Deterministic

Customer communication using very heavy and advanced AI/MLand is taking center stage. Knowing what your customer wants before they call in is using heavy digital technology to transform all call centers.

From 5G to cyber security, the telco industry has benefited hugely from digital technology today.


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