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A Guide to Delivering Constructive Feedback

March 16, 2023

by Innova Solutions

Feedback is an essential aspect of professional success. To elevate performance and strengthen their organization’s culture, leaders must consistently give employees in-depth feedback—including both the good and the bad. Honest feedback allows for meaningful change and creates room for professional improvement.

To be most effective, leaders must be intentional and measured in their communication. To build a positive culture and create meaningful relationships with employees, leaders should provide their team with feedback that leaves people feeling encouraged. Here are our tips for delivering feedback that will yield positive results.

Set expectations

Before sitting down with an employee to give feedback, think back to when you last discussed their goals. Are they aware of their expectations? Are they in writing? What was your last discussion like? Employees require clear goals in order to have an effective conversation about performance. Share any documents that can inform your discussion and provide a basis for feedback.

Do it in the moment

Leaders who wait for scheduled yearly or quarterly evaluations to present feedback to their team risk confusion and animosity, as employees may not remember an infraction or may feel as though earlier action would have lessened the severity of their mistakes. Instead, try to speak to team members immediately upon noticing room for improvement. By having real-time conversations, employees can make immediate corrections and prevent similar missteps moving forward.

Focus on actions

When sharing feedback, it’s essential to focus on the action or behavior that needs correcting. Avoid commenting on an employee personally and instead focus on the action or behavior and how it impacts both employee and team. When leaders focus on these aspects, they avoid making the employee feel defensive and instead create an opportunity for growth.

Create a dialogue

Continue with an engaging conversation by asking how, as a leader, you can motivate/assist each employee with obtaining specific career goals. This question will exemplify your commitment to their success.

Look for the positive

While not all feedback will be positive, acknowledging an employee’s hard work, good attitude, or tenacity is a great way to make an employee more receptive to constructive feedback. Be sure to offer praise for the areas in which they are doing well to make your conversation more balanced and productive.

Although giving feedback can be difficult, ultimately, it can positively impact an employee’s performance, strengthen your team, and boost your company’s bottom line. Utilizing our tips can help ensure that your feedback will foster a healthy, trusting relationship and positive culture.

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