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5 Benefits of a Recruiter Partnership

May 3, 2023

by Innova Solutions

5 Benefits of a Recruiter Partnership

When people consider working with a recruiter, they are typically in a reactive state of mind. That is, they are seeking employment. But recruiter relationships go beyond the necessity of a job search. An experienced recruiter can help you find a new job, this is true, but the best recruiters will ensure their candidates/consultants have ongoing support and knowledge throughout their relationship.

We recently surveyed our LinkedIn network to discover who has a solid relationship with a recruiter. We found that the majority of respondents don’t have an established recruiter relationship, leaving many missing out on unrealized opportunities. We share the top five benefits of partnering with a recruiter throughout your career so that you can start building the foundations of a recruiter partnership today.

Vast Network

Professional networks give us insight into other professionals and companies and their plans. Recruiters are continuously meeting with clients and candidates, and everyone in between. Therefore, they accumulate a vast, professional network. Because of this broad network, recruiters are privy to what is happening within their recruiting vertical, such as technology.

When you partner with a recruiter, you can leverage their network through various means. Recruiters can connect you to the right people, educate you on the local market, and refer you to other companies that might otherwise be off your radar.

Expert Tip: Connect with your recruiter on LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the internet, as it will automatically increase your visibility on the platform.

Market Knowledge

Market knowledge is an accumulation of knowledge about local pay, benefits, and hiring processes from local businesses. A successful recruiter will have a firm handle on their local job market. With this insight, recruiters can use it to assist candidates at the negotiation table.

Although recruiters will run the lead with negotiations, you control what is being asked for throughout the process. Utilizing your recruiter’s expert knowledge on the market will help secure you a role with the best compensation package possible.

Expert Tip: Trust your recruiter. Recruiters do not get paid if you don’t get paid, and they are tied to your success, so trust that your recruiter will do everything possible to get the best deal for you!

Exclusive Opportunity

Recruiting firms establish trusted relationships with their clients, which enables them to gain knowledge of up-and-coming roles. This exclusivity means that no other recruiting firms are working on the job, and it likely hasn’t been posted to third-party job boards. Because these roles are so exclusive, they can potentially open doors you may not have known existed.

Suppose your recruiter contacts you about an exclusive role. In that case, yours will likely be one of the first resumes the hiring manager will review, increasing your chances of landing an interview and the job.

Expert Tip: Share your career goals with your recruiter so you can take advantage of exclusive opportunities.

Inside Track

For a recruiter to be successful, they need to understand the management style of the hiring managers, the hiring process, and the internal teams of their clients. This inside information will help paint a better picture than a job posting so that their candidates can be sure that the job opportunity is right for them.

Also, because recruiters have this intel, they can effectively prepare their candidates for a successful interview. Recruiters can inform you of typical questions the hiring manager asks and the different people you will meet throughout the process and give you feedback from each interview to help you land the job.

Expert Tip: Debrief with your recruiter after every interview to help ascertain if the process is going well and if the role is still the best fit for you moving forward.

Job is Ongoing

If you successfully find a job with the help of a recruiter, they will continue to keep the relationship going. Whether in a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent position, recruiters will stay in touch to ensure you are happy with your work and its environment. Recruiters will help negotiate raises, help with workplace disputes, and even advocate for promotions.

Expert Tip: Referrals are the best way of showing your recruiter appreciation for their efforts. If you refer someone to your recruiter and they successfully place them with a client, inquire about a referral bonus, as many recruiting firms have a referral program.

Partner With Innova

We understand that there are many recruiting firms to choose from, but at Innova, we pride ourselves on building trusting candidate relationships. Our recruiters focus on the candidate as a whole person rather than a resume with keywords. We understand that a job search can be an emotional process, so our recruiters will support you every step of the way. Contact us today to find your recruiter match!


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