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Accelerating The Pace of
Digital Transformation For Enterprises Across Belgium and the EU
Innova Solutions has been at the forefront of the IT market of Belgium for more than 40 years. With our deep understanding of IT and a diverse talent pool, we are able to serve our clients with excellence and enable them to stay ahead of the curve.

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Innova has several third-party affiliations and professional accreditations aimed at furthering the company’s contribution to the recruitment industry, and commitment as a socially responsible organisation and employer.

Client Testimonial

The last few months we indeed interacted a lot for the contractor positions in my team.

The whole process was a very positive experience from my side:

  • I appreciate that you initiated a contact and really did an effort to understand what I was looking for. The RFP can only describe the position in a few bullet points.
  • I noticed as well a higher-than-average accuracy/relevancy rate of the CVs sent which even increased over time based on the feedback given on the first CVs sent.
  • I also appreciate that you leave us time to provide feedback after the interviews and allowed me to choose when and how to respond (my working hours are a bit shifted from the normal BE hours and I prefer email over call; I was never ‘stalked’ by calls which I appreciate a lot)

Linked to the ‘multiple hiring managers for similar roles in SWIFT’ aspect, I saw our interactions evolved, but could still further evolve according to me: When CVs are send to different managers (for different positions) in the same company, I would recommend to be fully open about it – we both already gradually got better on this over time. Sharing this information, allowed for joined interviews or feedback sharing amongst the hiring managers.

In short, it was very nice working together to solve my resources needs and I’m looking forward to work with you again in the future.

~Veerle Vermuyten, Swift

Meet Our Leaders

Alessandra Dorato

Alessandra Dorato

Managing Consultant

David Goemanne

David Goemanne

Regional Director - Wallonia-Brussels

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