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Data Sciences Platform

Harness intelligence and innovation with our Intelligent Data Science Platform (iDSp)

The growth of data astounds organizations across the globe today. Businesses are loaded with diversified data from many sources internally and externally, including devices, real-time sensors, mobile apps, and IoT. Yet, as unstructured data is exponentially growing, businesses are stuck with massive data and struggling to unlock valuable insights that could support their decisions and strategy.

What We Offer

The Intelligent Data Science Platform (iDSp) leverages automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help organizations achieve business outcomes faster and with minimal risk. It enables business teams to provide better digital experiences, gain AI-driven insights for decision support, and provide (self-)service solutions. With iDSp, enterprises can efficiently optimize their operations – increasing revenue through digitization, improved decision support, and self-service enablement solutions.

Key Features

Plug & Play

Connect to a data source of your choice and gain insights using pre-built analytics

Cognitive Services

A set of REST APIs for pre-built to development team cognitive models

Project Streams

Create your analytic solutions with pre-built templates

Custom Solutions

Mix & match pre-built services to produce cognitive business applications

REST API-based Services

Analyze data using state-of-the-art AI/predict analytics algorithms for NLP, image processing, and voice processing.

Our Value Proposition

Intelligent capture

Leverage machine learning algorithms for continuous, self-adapting information extraction

Efficient data completion

Accelerate data entry with single-click entry and automatic table and other entities’ recognition.

Self-evolving solution

Constantly learns and adapts to changing patterns with time

Forecast Trends

Empower your business from a variety of angles by combining customer analysis with business data


iDSp reduces the burden of selecting the right model as it comes with pre-configured models that can train to reduce the overall development time.


Analysis results are stored and fed for visualization to help CXOs gain valuable insights and make quicker decisions.


iDSp is configurable, customizable, and extensible as it is built on open-source technologies following industry best practices.


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