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Digital Architect

Simplifying cloud ecosystem management with the digital architect

In present times, technology organizations need to move at the speed of business to stay relevant. With rapid advancements in virtualized and cloud technologies, they can leverage flexible architectures to innovate while maintaining enterprise agility. While the opportunities of a virtualized world are endless, the road to transformation is complex. Digital transformation and implementation expenses associated with the cloud often exceed spending on on-prem infrastructure and virtualization. Hence, companies need to adopt new approaches and tools that result in cost savings and empower them to take full advantage of the benefits of multi/hybrid cloud environments.

About Digital Architect

Innova accelerates the journey towards multi/hybrid cloud with its proprietary IT operations platform—the Digital Architect. Built on next-gen technology it replaces today’s high-touch, “white-glove” managed services model with productized and automated service delivery. With the Digital Architect, we centralize cloud service provisioning, consumption, management, and orchestration. The result—we streamline disparate Infra-IT-FinOps tools into end-to-end business processes, providing a single pane of glass for cloud service operations.

Key Capabilities

Cloud Management Platform, Cloud Service Automation, and Cloud / App Marketplace

Cloud Service Enablement

Cloud Provisioning & Orchestration

Self-Service Portals

Inventory & Classification

Cloud & Application Monitoring

Cloud Cost Management

Governance & Policy Enforcement

The Innova Edge

PA DSS Certified

Aggregated (Vendor Agnostic) Cloud Service Catalog

A rapid low-code integration layer

True Cloud + IT Ops Workflow Automation → Traditional Cloud Provisioning with enterprise IT service delivery automation

Form factor agnostic

Metadata-driven Self-Service Marketplace UI (No Code – Low Code Implementations)

Highly configurable, customizable, and scalable platform (7500 TPS on Std H/W)

Telecom SME & Product Verticalization, Multi-Industry Adaptable: Travel, Government, eCommerce, Healthcare, & Gig Economy

Integrated data & analytics

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