Authorize, clear and settle electronic payments in a reliable, efficient and secure way. With SmartEdge Platform, business, governments, and financial institutions can create a branded payment network or process transactions of an existing branded payment network. It is highly configurable allowing members to rapidly build a new payment network with its own operating rules, fees/charges, and processing characteristics.

Why SmartEdge

Our passionate team of payment experts and technologists believe in breaking the barrier in creating fast, scalable and low costs payment network. Our payment platform and solutions help you rapidly setup fully digital, omnipresent, flexible and fast payment ecosystem.

We aim at democratizing our financial services by making financial transactions flexible and secured. We stand out from many players in the market as we believe in the bettering ourselves in the following areas:

  • Control and Performance
  • Transaction Risk Management
  • Flexibility and Customization
  • Advanced Routing Services

Payment Network

  • Bank-to-Bank network, removes intermediaries, Fis in control

Retail Network

  • Loyalty, Offers, value exchange that works across a network of retailers

Truly Digital

  • Pay with variety of payment instruments and devices

Faster Settlement

  • Intelligent engine delivers real time, continuous and time-based settlements
  • SmartEdge enables you to deliver next-generation payment network that is fast, lean, low costs and allows you to accept payments through all digital channels

 Control & Performance

  • Create transparency and high visibility in your processing
  • Advanced routing for diverse processing needs
  • Acceptance Control
  • Partial Authorization
  • Customer Account Management – with a single
  • Customer identity
  • Payment Controls

Transaction Risk Management

  • SmartEdge enables automatic updates of card holder record for lost/stolen cards. Also, Issuers can set account levels, and individual transaction limits.
  • SmartEdge features an intelligent alert system and notifications to inform about cardholder activity details.

Flexibility & Customization

  • Supports ISO 8583, ISO 20022 and JSON. Rich settlement processing with multi-level hierarchies for posting and schedules.

API Driven

  • SmartEdge platform provides a rich set of Payment API that members can leverage to rapidly integrate their host systems or integrate with their existing mobile/web platforms to accept payments.