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Managed Security Services

Helping you address evolving threats effectively

Complex hacking techniques and cyberattacks characterize a fast-evolving threat landscape. Hence, an increasing number of organizations are turning to managed security service providers for skilled security talent and expertise. They have realized that a robust security posture is imperative to defend their data, sophisticated software systems, and advanced corporate networks from unauthorized access. Managed security services involve implementing a complex security infrastructure, round-the-clock monitoring, planning incident response and recovery strategies, and ensuring compliance with cybersecurity standards.

Why Us

Innova Solutions managed security services leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence to offer best-of-the-breed solutions tailored to the unique security needs of organizations. We help them anticipate problems beforehand and embrace a proactive approach toward vulnerabilities. Our security experts provide reliable and transparent services and share valuable insights on how to identify and stop advanced threats.

Our Approach

We depend on Innova Solutions Unified Threat Intelligence Management System (UTIM), an all-in-one purpose-oriented solution to combat online threats. It enables proactive security monitoring and investigation through advanced AI/ML algorithms.

Our Offerings

Innova Solutions AI-based Next Gen Managed Security Services delivered through the UTIM has been designed to detect threats and mitigate them. We help organizations meet the security needs in their digital transformation journey, agile product development, cloud adoption and ensure that they stay up to date on the latest threats and compliance. Our suite of cybersecurity offerings include:

Salesforce Integration Services

Application Security Services

As apps get more complex, detecting vulnerabilities can get more challenging. Innova Solutions Application security services empower organizations to build security into their software development lifecycle early on. This strengthens regulatory compliance and reduces the time and cost of fixing vulnerabilities.Besides a secure SDLC, clients benefit from:

  • AppSec: Vulnerability Assessment / Pen Testing; CI/CD Integrated DevSecOps / SAST / DAST / WAPT / MAPT / RASP
  • Environment security: risk assessment, risk scoring

SaaS and Cloud Security Services

Our SaaS and Cloud Security Services help organizations undertake due diligence on the security of a SaaS offering before its deployment. And ascertain the risks involved in an offering that is already deployed. They also help in adopting the cloud in a secured manner and protect the data and applications in the cloud. By opting for our SaaS and Cloud Security services, organizations benefit from:

  • WAF Deployment and Management
  • IAM and infrastructure access security
  • API and application security
  • Cloud Data Security
Custom Salesforce Development Services
Salesforce Integration Services

Data Security Services

Data security services by Innova Solutions helps organizations to integrate advanced data protection technology with a risk management strategy. This gives them better control over their data and safeguards it from internal and external threats. Along with data loss prevention technologies, the broader portfolio includes:

  • Data encryption, customer encryption enablement, granular data access controls
  • In-line data de-identification and masking

Infrastructure Security Services

Critical infrastructure protection is essential for the wellbeing of a business. Our Infrastructure Security Services equip organizations to increase awareness and build processes that help manage assets, systems, applications, hardware, software, and data risks. In addition, our experts bring along with them industry-tested security skills and round-the-clock remote monitoring and response capabilities to protect the networks and the endpoint devices. The service portfolio includes:

  • Zero Trust zone enablement and policy enforcement
  • Threat Management and intelligence for data center
  • Online and real-time remediation for identified security incidents
  • Managed cyber recovery
Salesforce Integration Services
Salesforce Integration Services

Endpoint Management & Security

Endpoints are often a popular attack vector compromised to access networks and the valuable assets within. Innova Solutions Solution’s Endpoint Management & Security service helps gain complete visibility into data points, applications, IoT devices, and connections and effectively addresses security concerns. As you consider the service, benefit from:

  • Endpoint Threat Management
  • Identity access management with SSO enablement
  • RBAC and security policy enforcement
  • Zero Trust Security Design & Implementation
  • Workplace Security Management & Design

IoT & OT security

With the increased use of sensors, edge computing devices, and controllers which bypass firewalls to directly communicate with the cloud, IoT/OT security is imperative. We help organizations secure their IoT and OT environments by providing greater visibility into the components. Our IoT/OT security services are designed for:

  • IOT & OT Governance & Security
  • ICS, SCADA & DCS environment security
  • Threat Intelligence, Analysis & Prevention
  • Log aggregation & reporting
Salesforce Integration Services
Salesforce Integration Services

Compliance enablement services

We provide you with expert advice on navigating the rapidly changing compliance landscape and ensuring that your business meets the regulatory requirements. We start by categorizing sensitive information and establish a proven methodology to protect each category from vulnerabilities. Our expert-driven compliance enablement services include:

  • SOC2.0 Type I / II Compliance
  • Registration & Consent Mgmt
  • CCPA and GDPR Data Privacy / Data Protection assessment and compliance
  • DSR & DRM Assessment
  • Continuous Compliance Assurance
  • DR, Business Continuity and Resource Availability

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Endpoint Threat Detection: Improve visibility into endpoints and expect the earliest warning if there are chances of a compromise
  • Increased ROI: Realize significant value from the security tools combined with expert insights Higher Productivity: Minimize the time spent on detecting events and remediating them
  • Automated Intelligence: Benefit from scalable security operations powered by advanced AI/ML algorithms and pre-built use cases

Enhanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Improve visibility into endpoints and expect the earliest warning if there are chances of a compromise

Increased ROI

Realize significant value from the security tools combined with expert insights

Higher Productivity

Minimize the time spent on detecting events and remediating them

Automated Intelligence

Benefit from scalable security operations powered by advanced AI/ML algorithms and pre-built use cases

Partner with us to bolster your security posture

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