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Intelligent Automation

Empower enterprises to climb the automation maturity curve in a measured, predictable, and strategic manner

Engineering automation robots

Using UiPath RPA tool to increase processing capacity by 500%

Automating data extraction

Reducing manual data tracking and collating by 90%

Automating manual processes in RCM

Increasing the task completion rate by 600%

Intelligent Automation is a part of everyday life. Today’s business enterprises demand two things – the need to be resilient to effectively address real-world problems and accelerate Intelligent Automation adoption to turn actionable insights into strategic business outcomes, while transforming the end user experience. By blending innovative digital technologies such as RPA, AI, ML, BPM (Business Process Management) and other cognitive technologies, businesses can reduce their costs as well as establish more consistency within their workflows.

Our Service Offerings

The use of images and texts have dramatically increased, resulting in a more challenging task of tracking and categorizing all unstructured data. A large amount of information is stored in unstructured documents such as pdf, text files, images, social media, log files, and product manuals. Critical information such as tables, images, infographics is embedded in these documents.  Although this creates abundant opportunities for enterprises to get into insightful data analytics, not having the right tools to leverage such massive amounts of unstructured data within an automated framework is a usual growth blocker. Extracting relevant data is not a trivial task when the structure of these documents varies from document to document. Innova’s Image and Text Digitization offerings identifies and labels raw data for context to improve the accuracy of ML model predictions:

Image and text labeling

Object detection

Domain-specific modeling

Image and video analytics

Data abstraction/extraction

Innova’s high-quality AI-powered chatbots are great conversationalists, context-sensitive, and have personality traits especially designed to delight. We specialize in developing intelligent cognitive chatbots and conversational AIs that enable businesses to consistently deliver personalized customer service across all platforms. The major benefits of using such bots dramatically reduce the risk of losing potential customers, reduces human effort by simplifying processes, and performing tasks like:

Data Acquisition

Information Extraction

Statistical Language Processing

Text Mining

Sentiment Analysis

Machine Translation

Model Engineering is the fundamental slice of any ML pipeline. It effortlessly manages the ML life cycle from creation, configuration, execution, tracking algorithms, all the way to deploy an ML model. The Model Engineering pipeline includes a set of operations that lead to a final model:

Building, serving, and improving ML models

Requirements, analysis, and design

Simplified model building

Model training and evaluation

Model testing and packaging

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) solves problems, unique to every aspect of the machine learning model lifecycle by merging tested DevOps approaches with data management best practices into a repeatable framework for model development, testing, and deployment to deliver new models just like any other type of application. Innova’s approach facilitates data scientists and ML engineers to increase the pace of model development and production, by implementing continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) practices with governance of ML models. Our best practices and solutions for lifecycle management to support the increased adoption of ML include:

ML model generation through production

ML model monitoring and optimization

Continuous delivery and deployment

ML model maintenance

Diagnostics, governance, and business metrics

From changes in IT infrastructure of a company to designing approaches of business processes and decisions, to supporting end to end customer experience, hyperautomation is a comprehensive approach to automation. Enterprises today are increasing the level of automation and digital transformation through hyper-automation that involves a combination of tools that include:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Business Process Management (BPM)

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

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