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Digital Insights

Enabling businesses to transform complex data into actionable insights for data-driven decision making

Data warehouse modernization and ETL

Derive maximum value from an enterprise data warehouse that supports rapid growth and complex analytics

Unleash the power of augmented data discovery

Converge business intelligence and cognitive platforms for augmented data discovery

Predicting buying decisions

How we helped a retail client fully leverage consumer data

A direct correlation exists between superior performance and becoming a data-driven enterprise. However, data teams are often under-resourced, and siloed organizational structures make it challenging to analyze the trove of data they have at their disposal. Fortunately, organizations can overcome these challenges with advances in IoT, advanced analytics, and the Cloud. They can treat data as an asset, categorize it according to its lineage, quality, and completeness, and analyze it for actionable insights.

Our Service Offerings

Data Modernization

We adopt a cloud-first and AI-driven approach to drive non disruptive improvements to an organization’s existing data infrastructure. We modernize data access and reduce time to insight significantly, helping them break free from legacy constraints, decipher patterns, relationships and trends from internal data and attain greater agility. They can respond to real-time requirements of a fast-evolving business environment and gain a competitive edge as we facilitate:


Data governance

Data migration

Data operations

Data enablement

Data Engineering

Our data engineering solutions include enterprise data warehousing, data lakes, stream analytics and IoT. These enable companies to orchestrate and automate complex data pipelines, store data effectively, and leverage a reliable data flow. We ensure a data infrastructure that is suitable for analysis, helping organizations to optimize the data, turn it into business knowledge, and make better decisions. We help with:



Data Architecture & Design

Master Data Management

Data Integration & Security

Data Visualization

We adopt agile techniques to graphically represent information for more efficient communication and understanding. It enables organizations to view analytics visually, which in turn helps them demystify abstract concepts and identify new patterns. They benefit in manifold ways as we promote creative data exploration and help them utilize:


Interactive dashboards

Data-streaming dashboards

Guided analytics

Automated insights

Data Science

Our data science solutions enable clients to build automated machine learning capabilities that rapidly examine data and recommend the most effective algorithms. We also help them accelerate model development and implement large-scale systems that process vast amounts of data, learn cognitive tasks, and generate near-instant insights. Organizations can then use these actionable insights to predict demand, improve customer satisfaction, and build effective business strategies. They can realize the full value of data as they leverage:

AI/ML Engineering & Ops

Predictive Intelligence

Supervised & Unsupervised Learning


DataOps helps you coax order and discipline out of the chaos and solve the significant challenge of turning data into business value. Organizations can easily overcome the hurdles and complexities involved in delivering analytics with speed and agility as they turn to our offerings which include:

Virtualized datasets

Custom workspaces

Integrated data pipelines

CI/CD, DevOps

Our Solutions

Data Sciences

Harness intelligence and innovation with our Intelligent Data Science Platform (iDSp)

How You Benefit

Tap into high-value opportunities

Make data-driven decisions with a single source of truth

Leverage the access to democratized analytics

Improve existing capabilities while adding new ones

Use near-instant insights to guide future strategies


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