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Today’s investment/asset managers face continued pressures and emerging opportunities: bending the cost curve, seeking new sources of assets, redefining operating models, meeting compliance needs, and increasing returns. Success now demands optimum use of capital spending, data-driven analytics, AI-enhanced insights, and agile, adaptable real-time operations.

We help investment managers, institutional investors, and asset servicers transform operating models and accelerate new growth. By streamlining and integrating front, middle and back-office functions, and specialized platforms, we improve asset allocation, risk posture and trading efficiencies, and data delivery while exploiting disruptive innovations like AI, predictive analytics, and distributed ledgers to reduce costs. We help you thrive in today’s markets.

With 20+ years of industry experience, our asset management professionals are backed by a global workforce of AI, data, analytics, cloud, security, talent, and operations specialists.


Your unique needs and objectives drive how we apply our deep asset management experience, from operating model evolution to technology transformation:

Trading Technology Transformation

Implementation and SI partner of real-time API products in trading

Asset Allocation Technology Transformation

Implementation of micro-exposures while allocating assets

Compliance and Regulations

    Implementation and BPO partner providing:

  •   Investor compliance    (KYC/FATCA/AML)
  •   Regulatory XML reporting
  •   Investor servicing and   lifecycle management
  •   Investor digital experience

Asset Servicing

  •   Portfolio rebalancing and   cash allocation
  •   Portfolio modeling
  •   Verification against risk   tolerance levels
  •   NAV oversight
  •   Micro-risks associated with   underlying instruments



Revenue generation through indexing and smart distribution:
Intelligent Indexing and subsequent democratization using our AI/ML platform.
Distribution using smart contracts.

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty for higher revenues:
Portfolio coverage ratio delivery time reduced by 10x by leveraging our decision support systems.

Increased cost savings through automation of manual operations and integrated audit:
Enhanced mailroom volume by 30%; integrated audit with operations to strengthen controls thus save time & costs.

Boosted profitability due to better reconciliation of settlement and transaction data:
Transaction and settlement data matching using smart contracts and DLT for enhancing transactional volume by 40%.

Decreased portfolio risk by improving market and reference data quality to 100%:
Exceptions handled by our intelligent and automated data management platforms.

Innova Solutions is working towards future-proofing Asset Management industry by increasing revenues, reducing cost and risk through automation – leveraging domain knowledge, solution accelerators and previous experience.


Scalable & manageable platforms built in cloud with reduced manual effort by 60%
Replacing the Legacy/ End-of-Life applications with state-of-art modernized versions.
Fully automated Quality Engineering.

30% overall operations cost savings on infra, licenses and resources
Savings from shared services for enterprise tools and services.
Improved potential for product stack, technology stack, architecture and security.

Zero defect Service delivery
AWS, Azure, and GCP certified teams that managed 200+ migrations involving 2500+ applications with 10k instances.
Rapid deployment of low code/ no code automation tools; CI/CD enabled DevOps.


With an experienced team, mature process and automated tools that deliver rapid deployment at negligible risk, Innova Solutions is working towards future-proofing the Asset Management industry by modernizing legacy applications – leveraging our domain knowledge, solution accelerators, and experience.

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