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    Intelligent Automation

    Automation is changing how business gets done. We help organizations realize the benefits of intelligent automation faster and gain a competitive edge by enabling them to accelerate their automation journey. By leveraging our comprehensive automation services and cognitive frameworks, we help organizations improve efficiency and productivity, lower costs, maximize ROI, and scale seamlessly.

    Intelligent Automation Services

    Our intelligent automation services include:

    • Advisory Services – Build strategy, planning and execution roadmap
    • Enterprise Automation – Design, build and deploy highly automated business and IT processes
    • Automation as a Service – Configurable, cost-effective automation services that offers rapid setup and scalability
    • Cognitive Automation – Apply ML, AI, cognitive services and solutions to business processes
    • Bot Analytics – Get actionable insights to bot operational and business data
    • Managed Services – Maintenance, support, development and optimization services

    Key Differentiators

    Technology agnostic with key strategic partnerships

    Strong team of certified professionals

    Innova’s IA/RPA Architecture enables faster time to market and reduces TCO

    Our framework consists of specialized assessment methods and artifacts, tools, productized solutions, reusable bots to enable seamless implementation of your automation needs

    Built on established Process & Requirements methods, adapted to an Agile framework to ensure impactful delivery and ROI realization

    Success Stories

    Reduced operational costs through cost benefit analysis

    Designed an enterprise automation program to drive consistency across functions in automation strategy, approach, implementation, and ongoing support

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