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The client is one of the world’s fastest growing automobile companies. The company has the stability of being Korea’s oldest automaker, combined with strong, consistent growth and a history of innovation.

Customer Need

  • There were multiple reporting systems and users faced difficulty in knowing where to find the needed data quickly
  • They needed to learn how to use the BI tools to access their reports

Solutions Provided

Innova proposed and developed a proof of value BI chatbot solution that provides users access to critical business metrics instantly through a conversational interface on their desktop or mobile device.

The BI Chatbot creates a natural conversation with users to provide relevant business information and help them make data-driven business decisions in a faster and cost-effective manner.

Benefits / Results

Quicker access to trusted data

Users can engage in a human-like chat and get precise results to their queries without having to learn a new BI tool or software

Higher customer satisfaction, personalized service, available 24X7

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