Our client simplifies digital ordering, improves customer engagement, and grows sales. For more than a decade, the client has helped turn guests into regulars. Their award-winning technologies have transformed the casual dining and quick service restaurant industries and made them a global leader in their space. They deliver industry-leading solutions that keep customers engaged and inspired to order again and again. And because they have pre-built integrations with major POS systems and payment partners, restaurants can hop onboard easily.

Customer Need

The client was in a major expansion, but was suffering from scalability issues in their kiosk provisioning, kiosk management, and customer service due to inefficient tools, manual processes, and high cost domestic labor.

In addition, they had compliance and security risks due to the onerous process involved in maintaining and patching kiosks. Also, in some cases, inadvertent changes would introduce drift from compliance baselines, which would make their way into production kiosks.

These issues were impacting their ability to meet customer requirements for rollout, resulting in complaints, missed SLA’s and cost overruns, and there was concern of impairment to reputation in the event of compromise.

Solutions Provided

  • Innova built an offshore service desk and operations team leveraging automation force multipliers to maximize efficiency, improve consistency, and provide scalability at low cost
  • Cognitive agents were used to provide fast, automated responses to most standard customer care inquiries as well as to assist agents in collecting details for investigating more complex issues
  • Kiosk provisioning was completely automated and integrated into the code deployment pipeline, enabling up-to-date kiosk images with every new code release
  • Configuration management and patch management was also automated and designed to work in a pull model without VPN requirements to connect to kiosks

Benefits / Results

Cognitive agents based customer support allowed for scalable rollout of new kiosks and reduction of costs by 50% with agents handling 60% of all incidents.

Provisioning, configuration management, and patch management automation provided scalable operations keeping costs consistent while enabling major expansion.

Security and compliance risks were minimized by patching frequently through automation and detecting configuration drift before new images were deployed to kiosks.

Removing the constraints and overhead for kiosk provisioning, management and customer care, enabled the client to rapidly expand their business, while keeping costs low, meeting SLA’s and improving customer satisfaction.

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