The client is one of the world’s fastest growing automobile companies. The company has the stability of being Korea’s oldest automaker, combined with strong, consistent growth and a history of innovation. The client’s vehicles continue to win awards making them best in class for quality and safety.

Customer Need

The current environment involved extensive manual effort, on the part of business users, in collecting and reconciling information from multiple sources scattered across the enterprise. There were also challenges in sharing information across departments in a timely manner and in a readily usable and commonly understandable format.

Business users spent a lot of time in collecting data and creating adhoc reports than analyzing the data. Business lacked a centralized data repository that houses current and historical data from both internal and external sources.

Solutions Provided

Innova implemented an end-to-end enterprise reporting and decision support BI system, that provided insights into all core business data for enterprise-level analysis. Salient features include:

 Single version of truth – enhanced EDW to be the centralized repository for storing and managing core business data for analysis.

 Automation – minimized manual reporting process by implementing enterprise reporting and decision support BI system for sales, incentives planning, distribution, fleet, parts and service departments

 Enterprise focus – reports and analytics were built to satisfy enterprise consumption rather than point solutions

Benefits / Results

  • Enabled access to enterprise level, single version of reference to sales, incentives planning, distribution, fleet, parts, and service data
  • Provided secure data access
  • Access to real-time reports on mobile to make better decisions quickly
  • Eliminated manual effort in generating reports, automated and integrated into one BI platform

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